ActiveCampaign, which provides customer experience automation, has acquired Postmark and DMARC Digests. Postmark offers transactional email services, and DMARC Digests is an email authentication and monitoring service.

ActiveCampaign offers transactional messaging with sales and marketing automation and CRM. It includes 750+ pre-built automations and provides segmentation and personalization capabilities across social media, email marketing marketing automation and CRM.

This is ActiveCampaign's largest acquisition.

Automating Transactional Emails

“The idea to join companies came together due to the relationship ActiveCampaign built with Postmark and DMARC Digests, the trust Postmark has in ActiveCampaign to best serve and take care of their customers and team, and the companies’ alignment in values and customer-first approach,” Shay Howe, SVP of platform strategy at ActiveCampaign, told CMSWire.

By connecting the ActiveCampaign and Postmark systems, customers can send transactional emails with automation, rather than having to utilize special code or APIs, according to Howe.

This has consistently been one of ActiveCampaign's most desired features by customers, according to Howe. This union will help customers grow using CXA while providing a unified view of all messages, Howe added.

"In integrating the ActiveCampaign and Postmark platforms, they will be opening up the power of transactional email to non-technical users by allowing them to send transactional emails with automation, rather than custom coding and APIs," Howe said.

Learning Opportunities

"This is a true game-changer for the market. Just as important to note, this has been one of ActiveCampaign’s most requested features by their customers, and will help retain, attract and grow usage."

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ActiveCampaign's Plans for Product Integration

ActiveCampaign welcomed more than 30 people from Postmark and DMARC Digests to the team. Currently, the platforms connect using APIs and programmed logic.

Soon, Postmark will be natively available within ActiveCampaign, according to Howe. It will remain as a standalone offering where customers can sign up for Postmark and send transactional emails directly within automations. The “Postmark” brand is well known and will continue to be used as “ActiveCampaign Postmark.”

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