BlueOcean, a company known for its platform for analyzing brand sentiment, has announced the upcoming release of an application programming interface (API) that lets third-party applications access their analytics data. According to the source the API should launch later this year.

BlueOcean co-founder Grant McDougall in a statement, shared the organizations goal, to make it easier for financial services firms to employ a public BlueScore API to incorporate brand real time sentiment analytics within their financial forecasts. The BlueScore API provides access to time-series data that enables financial institutions to continuously track specified investment categories, such as food and beverage, automotive, health care, energy, and computer software in a way that aligns with how they invest in baskets of stocks, McDougall said in a statement.

The BlueOcean platform aggregates data from hundreds of sources, including social media platforms, business and financial data, forums, product review sites, and website traffic. The company then analyzes this data using a set of proprietary sentiment algorithms it has developed. The Brand Genome at the platform’s core is based on a data collection method that is enabled by various psychological models that are used in AI algorithms. Today the Brand Genome platform can be accessed through a graphical interface called Brand Navigator, which incorporates more than 1,100 types of data inputs, McDougall said.

Salesforce Announces New Digital 360 Features at Connections 2021

Salesforce has announced new innovations across Digital 360 at the recent Connections event. The platform delivers technology, services and learning to create connected, personalized experiences across marketing, commerce and more. Salesforce debuted these new technologies and more at the Connections opening keynote on June 2nd.

“With Digital 360, companies have the full power of Salesforce to go digital faster, build a single view of their customers, and drive growth.” said David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer, Salesforce in a press statement.

Find out more about the features and releases here.

TCN Seeks To Improve Agent Performance, Contact Center Efficiency With Voice Analytics

TCN, Inc., a provider of a cloud-based call center platform for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies, has announced the launch of Voice Analytics, a set of advanced tools for search and discovery. The new set of tools includes a search engine for retrieving calls through free-form combinations of keywords, phrases, acoustic measures and call metadata.

TCN Voice Analytics converts audio from recorded calls into structured data for searching and analyzing other associated data, such as customer profile information or when the customer interaction occurred. As the audio goes through the speech recognition system, a text transcript is extracted from the call.TCN Voice Analytics provides engagement analytics and integration into TCN Operator, TCN’s contact center platform. Its features include advanced search and filtering, enterprise-grade speech recognition and transcription, contextual call playback data, tagging and commenting, transcript visualization and full Payment Card Industry (PCI) redaction.

Cloudera Goes Private After $5.3B Acquisition by KKR & CD&R

Cloudera, a once-prominent figure in Hadoop startups, has gone private as KKR and Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, both private equity firms, shared their intent to purchase Cloudera for $5.3 billion.

Cloudera and Hortonworks,both key players in the Hadoop space, merged in 2018 for $5.2 billion.

“We believe that as a private company with the expertise and support of experienced investors such as CD&R and KKR, Cloudera will have the resources and flexibility to drive product-led growth and expand our addressable market opportunity,” Bearden said in a statement.

Learning Opportunities

Cloudera went on to announce more acquisitions of its own. These are all meant to better modernize the organization. Datacoral, is one of the startups it scooped up. It abstracts away the necessaryinfrastructure to create a data pipeline without using any code. The other startup is Cazena, a startup that helps customers build cloud data lakes.

LogMeIn's Rescue Live Guide Improves Virtual Support With New Video and Voice Capabilities

LogMeIn, Inc. a company that specializes in workplace solutions such as GoTo, LastPass, and Rescue, has announced its Rescue Live Guide product has incorporated both two-way video and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calling capabilities to its co-browse functionality.

The addition of video and voice capabilities to Live Guide means business owners can utilizemore precise virtual support to help guide their customers through products and services from virtually anywhere in real-time. Rescue Live Guide can be deployed code-free.

“The events of the last 18 months have forced companies to invest in digital engagement capabilities, and customers are rapidly adopting these new virtual options, which improve communications and lower customer effort,” said John Ragsdale, Distinguished Vice President of Technology Research, TSIA in a statement. “Customers' desire to use an engagement tool like video chat is accelerating, rapidly. According to TSIA’s 2021 Channel Preference Study, 55% of respondents in North America said they preferred or occasionally used video chat, up from 28% last year.”

SAP Empowers Customers With New Innovations

Last week at its SAPPHIRE NOW conference, SAP SE announced the SAP Business Network. The organization said it's the first step in its vision to improve business outcomes, while enabling businesses to navigate changing economic and geopolitical conditions, and enhance sustainability contributions.

The company also shared a bevy of new platform features to help customers change their business processes and improve overall performance.

The new features include:

  • Business process intelligence solutions now offer SAP Process Insights
  • Verify, a new SAP Concur feature, uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to simplify expense auditing
  • SAP Upscale Commerce is a No-Code solution enabling Direct-to-Consumer engagement
  • A trio of new SAP Business technology platform capabilities surface insights from data