Celtra Offers CrossScreen HTML5 Tech for Brand Advertising

Celtra Offers Cross-Screen HTML5 Tech for Brand Advertising

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Which HTML5 camp are you in?

Some think HTML5 hasn't met expectations as a platform for mobile applications. An IDC report, "The Evolving State of HTML5," noted the technology is still plagued with misconceptions. Native app development and HTML5 will continue to co-exist, the IDC predicted. Native app development will continue to be "the primary way mobile applications will be delivered and run."

Others see the technology as promising. Sencha, an open-source web application frameworks provider, said standards-based HTML5 development, whose popularity has been growing in part because such apps can run cross-platform, has caught on big in the enterprise.

Celtra feels there's promise.

Multiple-Screen Approach

The Boston provider released AdCreator 4 this week. It's calling it the industry’s first HTML5 technology developed for mobile, unifying display advertising across all screens.

Who benefits? Agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders. They can run programmatic cross-screen campaigns by utilizing a single platform for streamlined ad creation. It can also help manage campaigns and help consolidate reporting with common metrics across all screens.

customer experience, Celtra Claims First Cross-Screen HTML5 Tech for Brand Advertising

"The media and advertising business is in the midst of a dramatic transformation," Mihael Mikek, co-founder and CEO of Celtra, told CMSWire. "With massive proliferation of various HTML5 enabled devices mobile, as a separate media bucket is quickly becoming the thing of the past. HTML5 acts as a unifying technology, finally uniting display advertising on different devices and screens under one roof."

Desktop as New Device 

Celtra bakes in desktop as a new device type to the platform. This, it says, grows the ad products range with standard desktop banner and expandable banner formats that boast programmatic design. AdCreator 4 now also supports Windows for all platforms, on both mobile devices and desktop.

"AdCreator 4 presents a major step forward from the industry leading solution for mobile rich media advertising," Mikek told CMSWire. 

Learning Opportunities

Asked who would use the technology, Mikek said AdCreator 4 houses an authoring, trafficking and tracking tool within a single platform and connects each stage of the digital supply chain.

"So," he said, "it can be used on various levels and departments in each organization, ranging from media planners, campaign analysts, creative designers, brand leaders to name just a few."

Media suppliers that face the challenge of monetizing the properties can use AdCreator 4, he said, to meet the growing demand for video, cross-screen and native advertising campaigns at scale.

"Celtra offers superior range of ad products that enhance their offering, not compromising the user experience as AdCreator 4 brings an easily accessible and truly scalable solution for responsive design, video, cross-screen and native advertising," Mikek told CMSWire.

Why HTML5?

What’s the importance and role of using HTML5-based tech for organizations?

"We have seen mobile rapidly transform the advertising industry, becoming one of the most influential channels and with consumers using multiple, predominantly HTML5 enabled devices at a time," Mikek said. "It has caused great demand for more agnostic and integrated display advertising that engages the consumers across screens."