iPhone 5 Smashes Pre-Order Records, New Kindle Fire Out Now

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       How busy are the credit card exchanges today? Early reports suggest the iPhone 5 sold out some 20 times faster than the iPhone 4S managed, while anyone can now get their hands on a new Kindle Fire HD tablet from Amazon.

Going, Gone

The first shipments of Apple's iPhone 5 smartphones have sold out some 20 times faster than for the previous model. While that is a pretty meaningless statistic, the practical fact is that shipping times are now up to two weeks past the launch date (21 September) for new orders. If you've missed out on the first batch, be prepared to wait. 


After the keenly-watched launch, and despite the negative press, it is the consumer who is the ultimate arbiter, and it looks like they're voting in huge numbers with the pre-order stock selling out in around an hour, as opposed to just under a day for the iPhone 4 and 4S launches. Remember, if you're left twiddling your thumbs, iOS 6.0 will be available on 19 September to give you a taster. 

Learning Opportunities

Go, Go, Quick

If you want some new hardware today, then Amazon is shipping its new Kindle Fire tablets, unveiled earlier this month. The high-selling rival to Apple's iPad, the new model ups the power stakes with a HD model and gives the company a handy head-start on Apple's mini-tablet, which should be unveiled next month. 

While Amazon doesn't make much money on its tablets, it rakes in the cash via content sales and Amazon's massive loyal user base. Apple's loyal fans on the other hand seems happy to upgrade tablets at will and the new model should easily boost the 86 million plus iPads that are already out there. And at a new price, there could well be many new buyers. 

Certainly, both are likely to find their way into Amazon and Apple "families" with multiple devices in the home. As this trend evolves, both will have to come up with new ways for multiple users to share the same content, which will be a neat trick to pull off, as users look for better features and not just new hardware.