Portals, Content and Collaboration, Oh My! Next Week's Gartner Summit #gartnerpcc

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Next week we’ll be at Gartner’s Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit in Orlando, Florida. Lest you think that this just an excuse to catch some rays, you can be reassured that we’ll be under the fluorescent lighting, gleefully attending session after session tackling topics such as the social workplace or debating the merits of BYOD or evaluating social media policies.

A Portal to Engagement

The Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit aims to help those in the enterprise who are tasked with or are compelled to leverage the opportunities inherent in this new era of engagement to deliver higher performance for their organization. With sessions dedicated to empowering mobile workforces securely, delivering the experiences customers and constituents will come to expect, demonstrating the business value of PCC technologies and harnessing social to drive innovation and delight customers and employees, by the time Seth Godin delivers a keynote address on Wednesday, his simplified, humanistic approach will help us put the pieces together. 

Thanks to Gartner’s agenda tools, I’ve spent much of the past weekend browsing, selecting, rearranging and solidifying how I plan to spend my time. Here are a few of the sessions I’ll be covering:

Learning Opportunities

  • The Social Workplace: Rethinking Communication and Collaboration in the Age of Social Networks As organizations set up internal, private "Facebooks" for employees, and as social networking becomes a legitimate workplace communication tool, we examine the implications in terms of business value and risk. We'll look at how workplace social technologies are likely to evolve and the role that major vendors will play, and we'll offer recommendations on adoption and acceptance tactics.
  • Web Content Management: Strategies for Customer Engagement Consumer interactions and expectations for the Web have changed, and organizations need new strategies and new approaches for keeping the customer engaged. We take a new look at how to optimize investments to develop an engaging Web channel.
  • Net IT Out: Designing Social Experiences -- What Works Now, What Will Work Later Similar to how enterprise architects design information systems, social architects are beginning to design and build social experiences. Aspects of this new discipline include social design patterns, social business logic and leveraging social platforms.
  • Social Risk: It's Not What You Think It Is Social media allows you to engage with employees, customers, business partners and the social web in new and exciting ways. It also puts you at risk, but not necessarily in ways you'd expect. We'll explore which social media risks are real and which are overblown.

On-the-Ground Reporting

In addition, I’ll be making the rounds, talking with vendors, panelists and attendees learning about new technologies, opportunities and expectations emerging within the enterprise. We’ve spent the past few months dissecting and exploring the elements of social business and the merits of enterprise collaboration. I look forward to learning more about how organizations are putting practice into action, while understanding better how issues of engagement are influencing how companies socialize on and offline with consumers and employees, alike. 

Be sure to check in for updates and summaries. We’ll also be live tweeting (in moderation) on Twitter. Follow #gartnerpcc to keep up with the Summit.