Today Qualtrics announced the upcoming release of Experience ID, the company's newest addition to its Experience Management (XM) operating system.

According to Qualtrics, Experience ID is a single, unified view of everything customers and employees have shared with a company — such as their preferences, beliefs and feelings about their experiences with a product or brand. Using conversational analytics, machine learning and journey orchestration, Experience ID is meant to help organizations identify and close each experience gap in their business and identify new opportunities for growth.

Built on Qualtrics' XM operating system, Experience ID now brings in capabilities from recent acquisitions such as Clarabridge, a conversational analytics provider and Usermind, a journey orchestration solution. In working with these new acquisitions, Experience ID is able to capture all forms of customer feedback - from call center transcripts to social media posts and product reviews, its goal is to help teams understand an individual's emotion and effort through their entire journey with a company.

"For decades, organizations have been trying to deeply understand their customers and employees," says Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin. "But the universe of feedback is so vast that they need the right technology to capture it and put it into action. Experience ID delivers a powerful lens that can focus on each customer and employee, and also zoom out and reveal the big picture, enabling organizations to build deep, personal relationships with customers and employees, authentically and at scale."

Learning Opportunities

By aggregating and analyzing customer insights from every source, Qualtrics believes Experience ID can help companies quickly identify new market opportunities. With examples from the company ranging from healthcare feedback regarding post-surgery check-ins - resulting in improved patient feedback as a result of Experience ID's feedback, to a rideshare company using Experience ID to collect and consolidate feedback a rider has shared via the company's mobile app, Qualtrics sees endless opportunities for the new release to help different kinds of organizations. 

Experience ID's fully integrated experience is set for release next year. For now, customers can access capabilities including profiles, segmentation, digital intercepts for personalization, automated workflows and sentiment detection today.

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