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  • A new CX AI platform. Verneek launches its new platform One Quin.
  • Adobe wears Prada. Prada Group and Adobe boost their partnership for better CX.
  • No code needed. A feature of both Vonage Meetings API and Algolia’s Merchandising studio.

DISQO CX Study Shows Consumer Concern About AI

A report by DISQO has found that knowledge and use of generative AI tools is currently low, especially in certain audiences such as older adults. However, knowledge of these tools is increasing. For example, while only about 10% of consumers surveyed have used generative AI, this percentage rises to around 20% in Gen Z.

The report also found that there were strong feelings about where and how generative AI should be used. The report also showed that consumers often cannot discern AI-generated content. This has resulted in concern, and 86% of people surveyed believe that companies should disclose when they use AI-generated content.

"Early adoption of emerging generative AI technologies represents a massive opportunity for brands to leapfrog their competition, but only if they are vigilant about customer experiences," Patrick Egan, DISQO’s Director of Research and Insights, said in a statement. "Leveraging generative AI for innovation, increased efficiency, and profitability makes business sense, but consumers are wary and need to be informed and educated about what's in it for them."

In other CX news…

Cohora Launches Brand and Customer Engagement Platform

Cohora recently launched its brand customer network and engagement platform. This platform leverages user-generated content and aims to deepen the brand-customer emotional bond. This new platform aids brands with their customer-to-customer and brand-to-customer conversations — interactions that encourage long-term loyalty to the brand. 

"Cohora's platform is unique and provides an incredible level of potential for brands to develop quality relationships with consumers resulting in activation and advocacy," Sean Cantwell, Volition Capital’s Managing Partner, said in a statement. "It's a competitive landscape, but we believe Cohora's ability to address an industry-wide need will resonate with marketers and drive adoption."

Verneek Launches CX AI Platform One Quin

Verneek has launched One Quin, a new consumer experience AI platform. One Quin provides enterprises with a holistic AI solution to answer customer questions. The platform will deliver answers through both voice activation and text, and can be integrated with a retailer's mobile app or website in less than two weeks. One Quin is trained on real-time consumer queries as well as structured and unstructured public information. 

"One Quin's use case in retail is a win-win for consumers and enterprises. It's beyond search. It's a personalized AI service for anyone to live healthier," Verneek co-founder Omid Bakhshandeh said in a statement. "The technology enables shoppers to make better, faster online and in-person shopping decisions while increasing sales conversions for retailers. The technology goes beyond the retail vertical and applies to any consumer-facing enterprises."

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Prada Group and Adobe Boost CX Together

At this week's Adobe Summit, Prada Group and Adobe announced they have enhanced their partnership; this will enable real-time personalization, aiming to elevate CX for all companies involved. The partnership includes the Prada Group range of brands, such as Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s, Car Shoe, Pasticceria Marchesi and Luna Rossa.

Prada's sales assistants will be able to know both when a customer (if opted-in) visits a store and that customer’s preferences; this will allow the retailer to create a more personalized experience for them. Customers will receive recommendations based on their purchase history, in-store experience and online profile.

“This will ensure we are able to engage and connect with each customer in the right place, at the right time and with the right content,” Lorenzo Bertelli, marketing director and head of Prada Group’s CSR, said in a statement.

Learning Opportunities

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Qualtrics and Twilio Collaborate for CX

Qualtrics, an experience management company, and Twilio, a customer engagement platform, are expanding their partnership and introducing a no-code connector. This connector allows for real-time data sharing between Twilio's customer data platform (CDP) and Qualtrics' Experience iD (XiD). The integration allows brands to create a more personalized CX, combining customer behavior data and overall sentiment data. 

“One of the biggest obstacles businesses face in meeting customer expectations is siloed data. If you don’t have the full picture of your customer, how can you create a personalized experience for them?” Kathryn Murphy, VP of Twilio Product Management, said in a statement. “Our partnership with Qualtrics unifies and democratizes the customer data needed to deliver personalization in real time, and at scale.”

Vonage Meetings API Enhances Visual CX

Vonage has launched Vonage Meetings API, a no-code, video conferencing solution that can be embedded into websites and platforms. The tool provides businesses with the ability to deliver and enhance video conferencing interactions without needing developer expertise.

"The key differentiator for Vonage Meetings API is the user experience," Ron Maayan, Vonage’s SVP of product management, said in a statement. "The no-code Meetings API is built from the point of view of a non-developer user or citizen developer, empowering them with the easy-to-implement technology to create sophisticated experiences for their users that are integrated and branded, with a native look and feel."

Meetings API is pre-built with the capabilities that are needed for video meetings, such as screen sharing, customization and localization.

Algolia Unveils Its AI-Powered Merchandising Studio

Algolia, an AI search and discovery platform, has launched its Merchandising Studio, a no-code interface created to provide merchandisers with tools to optimize the CX side of the business. Retailers can use the analytics to find optimization opportunities. Algolia’s AI-powered dynamic makes data-driven decisions, but ensures that business rules act as overrides.

“A stand-out feature for us has been the analytics section, especially the category pages, where we have been able to precisely see at a quick glance how customers shop on our product listing pages and make commercial changes based on this, to optimize our customer experience. We are excited to use The Merchandising Studio further, working with Algolia to help meet our business goals,” Katherine Lee, online trading executive at Fortnum & Mason, said in a statement.

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