Uniform has announced the availability of a composable digital experience platform (DXP). Company officials say the platform gives marketers, merchandisers and developers a vendor-agnostic, composable DXP for which they can choose their own technology stack. Marketers and merchandisers can use no-code tools to build personalized, omnichannel digital experiences that blend content from multiple sources, including content management and commerce systems, according to company officials.

Developers can build a front-end using their preferred libraries and frameworks and leverage content delivery networks (CDNs) and edge-computing platforms. Smart Grid technology enables brands to connect their existing legacy systems to new, headless systems that use Jamstack or MACH architectures. 

"Uniform sits one layer below the technologies that a brand uses," Alex Shyba, Uniform CTO and co-founder, said. "This simplifies switching applications because in a composable system, you can add/remove/replace components without touching the rest of the stack. In designing this, we realized we can orchestrate across the systems in the stack, even if those systems come from multiple vendors."

In other customer experience and digital marketing software news...

NICE Launches Customer Experience Interactions (CXi)

NICE has announced Customer Experience Interactions (CXi), a new framework delivered through a suite of applications on the CXone platform. CXi enables resolution through AI and data driven self-service, according to company officials. CXi is a combination of CCaaS, workforce optimization, analytics, AI and digital self-dervice based on CXone, a cloud native CX platform.

CXi is delivered through an integration of capabilities as part of the CXone platform:

  • Digital entry point solutions getting customers the right content
  • Full journey orchestration solutions
  • Self-service capabilities that enable organizations to build intelligent automated conversations
  • Prepared contact center agents that are engaged in real-time
  • Complete performance solutions based on NICE’s suite of workforce optimization, analytics and VoC solutions

At the core of CXi is Enlighten AI, NICE’s AI engine. Based on CX conversation dates, Enlighten AI provides predictions, decisions and actions for smarter forecasting through agent soft-skills behaviors and predicting CSAT.

Momentive Announces GetFeedback Salesforce Integrations

Momentive, which provides agile experience management solutions, has announced new integrations between GetFeedback and the Salesforce platform and Slack. GetFeedback is an agile customer experience solution purpose-built for the Salesforce ecosystem.

The newly announced capabilities are:

  • A Slack integration that automatically pushes customer feedback into relevant Slack channels
  • An enhanced Salesforce integration that allows GetFeedback users to enrich Salesforce customer records in Sales and Service Clouds with feedback automatically captured from digital channels
  • A new GetFeedback AppExchange app that provides a comprehensive view of all CX programs and data from inside the Salesforce system of record.

These updates are available now

MCMK Launches Agile Marketing Agency

MCMK, a global agile marketing agency, has announced its Agile Marketing Solutions and an outsourced marketing department model.

Its full suite of agile marketing solutions include:

  • Marketing strategy 
  • Demand generation
  • Digital and content marketing
  • Integrated communications 

MCMK company officials said their teams integrate remote marketing teams into customer organizations to help them achieve their marketing goals.

Learning Opportunities

Invoca Announces Conversational Data Functionality

Invoca during its 7th annual Invoca Summit conference announced new capabilities to help customers capture and take immediate action on their conversational data. The new features include outbound call support, Lost Sales Recovery, global transcript search and a “no-code” integration library. 

Outbound call support builds upon existing conversation intelligence capabilities. Lost Sales Recovery uses artificial intelligence to detect missed sales opportunities when callers fail to reach a live agent. Global transcript search uses search capabilities to enable marketers to search across all conversation data. “No Code" integration library empowers end users to set up direct data integrations with various marketing and customer engagement platforms.

Genesys Acquires Pointillist, Exceed.ai

Genesys, a customer experience orchestration provider, has announced that it has entered into agreements to acquire Pointillist and Exceed.ai. Each transaction is expected to close before the end of this calendar year.

Pointillist is an AI-driven customer journey orchestration and analytics solution. Exceed.ai is a cloud-based conversational AI platform for sales and marketing. When the capabilities of Pointillist and Exceed.ai are combined with Genesys AI, digital and customer experience technology organizations will be able to uncover new levels of insights, according to company officials.

Twitter Enters into Definitive Agreement to Sell MoPub to AppLovin

Twitter has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell MoPub to AppLovin Corporation, a marketing software company, for $1.05 billion in cash. MoPub provides monetization solutions for mobile app publishers and developers. 

The transaction will enable Twitter to accelerate the development of owned and operated revenue products and drive growth across performance-based advertising, small and medium-sized business (SMB) offerings and commerce initiatives, according to Twitter officials.

Zeta Acquires Technology Platform and Data from Apptness

Zeta, a cloud-based marketing technology company, has announced the acquisition of the technology platform and data from Apptness, a digital technology company with proprietary audience engagement technology.

Apptness operates a digital survey platform. The acquired platform will be directly integrated into the Zeta Marketing Platform, expanding the Zeta Data Cloud in the consumer signals arena.

Rocket Software Names Milan Shetti as Next CEO 

Rocket Software, a company that develops enterprise software, has named Milan Shetti the company’s next CEO, effective Nov. 5. Milan will also retain his president title. Current CEO and co-founder Andy Youniss will become executive chairman. Youniss will also remain on Rocket’s Board of Directors.

Shetti joined Rocket in 2020 as business unit president and was named Rocket president earlier this year, overseeing all products in the company’s portfolio. Most recently, he held senior executive positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), including serving as senior vice president and general manager of the storage business unit and chief technology officer of the datacenter infrastructure and storage divisions.

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