Why Can't Companies Get Mobile Right?

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Why Can't Companies Get Mobile Right?
Most company executives apparently understand how important mobile is for their business, but few of those companies actually provide proper mobile experiences, an IBM report has found.

Understanding (or not) Customer Behavior

Only 4% of 500 business professionals surveyed said they provide an excellent customer experience across channels, an IBM and Econsultancy report found. Kudos for being honest, but the fact so many companies know they aren't providing great mobile experiences shows just how disruptive smartphones and tablets have become for most organizations.

IBM seems to think it has the tools to help businesses with their customer experience strategy, and it is laid out in the Reducing Customer Struggle 2013 report. Those surveyed said about 20% of their online traffic came from mobile devices, but most are still shoveling content from their websites onto a smaller screen for mobile visitors.

Obviously, cost is a concern when having to build custom websites just for mobile visitors, so companies need a strategy to map out how that can pay off via more mobile customers. Within that strategy, there needs to be an analytics component to help figure out just what those mobile visitors are doing, and that is another pain point; determining behavior.

The good news is 73% of respondents plan to increase online investment this year, and 72% plan to spend more on mobile. 

Learning Opportunities

Integrating Offline + Online Experiences

One of the keys to a strategic multi channel experience is to marry offline and online experiences, the report found. While many do okay at putting store and office locations on a website, most struggle with creating a social presence for offline products or services. Another suggestion is to optimize local and mobile searches so customers can find what they are looking for.

Unfortunately, many mobile websites still suffer from poor navigation, screen sizing issues and form filling problems. When we talk about customer experience, it really is a holistic approach, and mobile while still a new phenomenon is rising to the top of importance. That's why having a mobile strategy is so important. Companies don't have to rush out and build their own apps, but they do need to understand what their customers are doing via mobile, and work to make mobile sites responsive to those needs.