Yahoo Puts Summly To Work in New Search App

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 Yahoo has barely put the welcome mat back in the cupboard for new acquisition Summly, yet it already it has an updated iOS app to make use of the service's summarizing features.

Summing Things Up Nicely

Summly was the talk of the town last month having been snapped up by Yahoo for around $30 million. The original app vanished pretty quickly, but those in need for short and sharp news snippets needn't have worried, as Yahoo's lead iPhone and iPad app has been bumped up to V3.0 and now comes with all Summly's features built in. 

It makes use of Summly’s natural-language algorithms and machine learning to deliver quick story summaries wrapped around Yahoo's search and your personalized requests for information. That's all laid out in an ever-scrolling newsfeed for all the information you could want. Additional improvements included better image and video searching, giving the whole package a neat boost in the company's quest to be more focused and relevant. 

That was demonstrated last week in the arrival of a new tablet email app, So, now Yahoo is rapidly building a reputation for sexy apps with cool features that will appeal to its still huge user base. Will those apps appeal to new users? As people start getting fed up with Apple and Google's slow progress in various areas, quite possibly. 

Learning Opportunities


Yahoo's new search and news app integrates Summly

Battle of the Apps

With Apple silently working towards iOS 7.0 and, presumably, a new raft of apps to up its own experience alongside those new devices. It is coming under increasing competition as Microsoft, the social media giants, Google and now Yahoo try to become master of the app experience. 

Yahoo's new app is currently only available for U.S. users but will be rolling out to others soon. Despite all this news, Yahoo's stock is flat over the last week but all the company has to show is that these apps are attracting new users and keeping existing ones in the fold and Marisa Mayer's master-plan may well be on track.