Mouseflow lets you record website visitors and generate instant heat maps showing where visitors click, scroll and even pay attention.

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  • Sep 17

    Google Analytics Brings Predictive Metrics to App + Web

    Google Analytics launched its App + Web feature in 2019. True to its name, App + Web combines the dimensions and metrics of app and website data into one report view, to simplify reporting on customer behavior. I wrote about the details in this July 2019 post. Since then, Continue reading...

  • Sep 8

    Calculating the Pollution Cost of Website Analytics, Part 4

    If 50 million websites are actively using Google Analytics, then according to my calculations this could be resulting in 100 million kg of CO2 pollution a year. You’d need to plant 10 million trees to deal with that sort of pollution. Continue reading...

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    How to Better Vet Referral Traffic in Google Analytics

    Marketers have long looked to referral traffic to understand campaign performance and guide where to invest further resources. Conducting a referral traffic analysis may feel less urgent now, when new COVID-19 induced customer behaviors bring marketing campaigns to a standstill. Continue readin...Read more

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