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  • Times Square

    What Story Do Your Digital Assets Tell?

    No one knows what I do when I say I am in Digital Asset Management.  Maybe the term never received acclaim because it sounded boring. Or maybe it didn’t ring a bell for a lot of people.

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  • Nuxeo Stregthens DAM Strategy With Google API

    Nuxeo is an open source content management platform with a DAM advantage.  And now the company strengthened its already formidable digital asset management (DAM) capabilities by integrating its platform with Google’s Cloud Vision API. The new Nuxeo plugin, Nuxeo Vision, has been developed to support the Google Cloud Vision

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  • searching for images

    What Makes a Good Metadata Schema?

    What makes a good metadata schema and how do you know if you’ve got one?   No formula exists today for answering this question in quantifiable terms — it requires evaluation and reflection on the part of the organization.

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  • airborn skater

    Actions, Not Intentions, Drive Your Strategy

    Unity is strength … when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. — Mattie Stepanek Actions, Not Intentions Collaboration is an action, not an intention.

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  • sold sign

    3 Ways to Sell Your DAM Case

    Call it the capitulation of marketers. They’ve surrendered to the idea that consumers have short attention spans and are visual creatures.  Bring on the video, artwork and other digital media assets. And bring on the need to manage, measure, share and make those assets easy to find.

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  • holding hands

    Capturing DAM Relationships

    We've heard a fair amount of talk about innovation in DAM lately, but one area hasn't received much attention: the need for systems that track the complex relationships between assets and other entities across an enterprise.

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  • tunnel on highway

    Canto DAM Integration Connects Adobe InDesign

    San Francisco digital asset management (DAM) provider Canto just announced an integration with an Adobe desktop publishing software application.  The integration between Canto's Cumulus DAM system and Adobe 's InDesign (INDD) "creates a tunnel" that will help graphic designers and artists maneuver between the platforms and "saves tremendous time

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  • 2015 Contributors of the Year: John Horodyski

    If you haven't seen John Horodyski in a "stump the DAM consultant" panel, you don't know what you're missing. Delivering in-depth expertise with a quick wit, John kept the audience (and the moderator) laughing.

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  • CMSWire's Top 15

    CMSWire's Hits of 2015: DAM

    Your business has a lot of digital files to manage — images, multimedia and textual content files. And the volume and variety of those assets just keeps growing. That’s why digital asset management (DAM) has such a critical place in the ecosystems of digital businesses.

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  • presents under the tree

    I'm Dreaming of DAM Customer Service

    Since its publication in 1946, Don Gardner’s “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” has remained a favorite song for the holidays, evoking a sense of silliness over what might be identified as a significant loss.

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  • stuff on shelves

    Maximize the Value of Your Digital Assets

    Your content is only as good as your digital assets. So make sure your business can find, manage and effectively share those assets. Nuxeo’s Mike Urbonas drove home these points in a recent CMSWire webinar, "5 Ways to Transform your Digital Content into Valuable Digital Assets."  “We believe

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  • under the cloud gate, Chicago

    People Bring Your DAM to Life

    Anyone who thinks that launching a digital asset management (DAM) system comes down to picking a solution and flicking a switch should think again. One step can make a big difference between a DAM solution that people use and a DAM solution that people ignore: talking to your stakeholders.

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  • falling leaves

    DAM Diatribe on Data Anxiety

    “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time” —  Leonard Bernstein The transition to fall brings with it a feeling of change: to shorter days, cooler temperatures and the realization that the end of the year looms.

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  • Anvil

    DAM Movement: From Big Iron to Big Cloud

    One of the biggest trends to hit the technology world in the last few years is the rise of cloud-based services. And Digital Asset Management (DAM) is no exception.  On the one level, this is simply a nod to the efficiencies that cloud services claim compared to self-hosted solutions.

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