Geneva, Switzerland-based Jahia Solutions Group announced last week a worldwide partnership and integration with

With, Jahia, a digital experience provider, now offers human translation services to global brands building personalized, one-to-one digital experiences for its global customer communities. Jahia will highlight the integration at its user conference, JahiaX, being held this week in Washington,'s GlobalLink technology now integrates directly with Jahia's DX7 platform

It provides, Jahia officials said, translation services for globalized assets to unique brand experiences across web, social, mobile and email channels to drive customer acquisition campaigns, loyalty programs and customer and employee community engagement. 

"The ability to offer local-language web content in international markets is crucial for any globally minded organization," Matt Hauser, vice president of content solutions, said in a statement. "This integration will allow Jahia users to communicate with customers around the world while minimizing project management burdens and reducing overall translation costs.” 

Kevin Cochrane, CMO of Jahia and current user of the integration, said the “central challenge” for CMOs is to “deliver personalized digital experiences for each unique customer at every stage of their life cycle through engaging, localized content for each country and region around the globe.” 

The partnership with Translations, he said, will help marketers deliver digital campaigns faster, improve campaign effectiveness and drive higher rates of customer acquisition and engagement across global markets. 

Users of Jahia Digital Experience Manager (DX) can send all content on a page for translation with a single click and track the progress of the request in real-time. Translated content is returned to DX directly in the author interface.

In other technology software news ....

G2 Crowd's Collaboration Leaders 

Chicago-based G2 Crowd released its Team Collaboration Report which analyzed more than 860 reviews for 18 team collaboration tools.It ranked them by customer satisfaction and market presence. The report found only four platforms had above a 75 percent user adoption rate, while none of the products had 100 percent adoption rate. 

According to G2 Crowd’s scoring, Slack scored highest, followed by Chatter, Confluence, Jabber and Samepage rounding out the top five. 

Voxox Introduces Cloud Phone Mobile App

San Diego-based Voxox, a unified communications platform as a service company, has announced a mobile app for Voxox Cloud Phone, the pocket-sized business phone system.Small business professionals can use their smartphones as a business phone system with a US business phone number that can route calls globally. 

A feature called Flip allows users to transfer a call from their mobile app to their desk phone or any other phone. Another feature, Eavesdrop, enables users to listen in on incoming voicemails in real-time with the ability to pick up the call at any time. 

Hicks Joins Siteworx 

karen hicks new evp of operations at Siteworx, a digital agency specializing in Web CMS, digital commerce

Siteworx, a Reston, Va.-based digital agency, has hired Karen Forgy Hicks in the newly-created role of executive vice president of operations.Hicks is a 25-year veteran with business and project management experience. 

Before Siteworx, she held a number of senior positions in companies that include Secure Mission Solutions, later acquired by Parsons, QinetiQ North America and AOL.

Learning Opportunities

Digital Partnership for Pimcore, OSSCube 

Salzburg, Austria-based Pimcore and Austin, Texas-based OSSCube have announced an expanded partnership that makes OSSCube the exclusive enterprise partner for the open source Pimcore platform in North America.The agreement stands for a minimum of five years. 

“We at Pimcore are thrilled about the future of our business in North America being spearheaded by OSSCube,” Pimcore CEO and co-founder Dietmar Rietsch said in a statement. “There is no other company with such a long history of success, and we are excited to see where this talented group of experts will take us.” 

ClearSlide, PeopleLinx Enable Social Selling 

ClearSlide, a San Francisco sales engagement platform provider, and Philadelphia social selling platform PeopleLinx announced an integration and partnership to increase salesperson productivity. 

PeopleLinx is integrating ClearSlide into its product to create a new omnichannel guided selling capability for customers. Using its selling recommendation engine to create personalized campaigns, PeopleLinx can now link directly to ClearSlide content, such as presentations and case studies, email templates, videos and other rich media. 

Sellers receive real-time notifications through ClearSlide, that provide insights into which clients are responding and where they are showing interest. 

“Sales leaders should be excited by this ClearSlide and PeopleLinx partnership,” Jim Lundy, CEO and lead analyst at Aragon Research, said in a statement. “As more companies invest in sales engagement platforms, there is tremendous value in more deeply integrating guided selling with the real-time engagement insights that help sellers move deals along and sales leaders to forecast accurately.”

That DAM Skyword

Boston-based Skyword is updating its content marketing software platform to support digital asset management (DAM).

Combining content creation and DAM will make it "easier and more sustainable" for marketers to reuse assets, said John Mihalik, CTO at Skyword.

Skyword works with customers like MasterCard and IBM on brand storytelling, and have noted an increase in requests for DAM options. Skyword’s DAM also features more storage and bulk upload for different file types, tagging, enterprise search and annotation.

Skyword is not alone in the argument for structuring and reusing content in today's fast-moving content business. Many modern marketers are making the move toward intelligent content practices, which supports content reuse and adaptability rather than producing for single channels every time.

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