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  • What's up? Catching up with four Adobe Summit attendees.
  • Personalized CX. This is a matter of personalization for customers.

LAS VEGAS — The Adobe Summit 2023 is well underway at The Venetian, and with more than 10,000 people in attendance — it's a party. But everyone comes to the conference — and Vegas — for different reasons, other than having some fun.

We spoke to four different attendees to find out why they chose to make the trek to Las Vegas this year.

Quest for Personalized Customer Experiences

Cathy Humenik, VP and Group Account director at MRM

I'm responsible for leading several teams that do CRM for automotive.

And I’m really trying to understand all the tools that are available to help us really get more one to one and personalized with our customers — both in trying to make sure we're engaging with them and all the ways they want to be engaged, but also looking for ways to save money by not sending things through channels that might not be really used.

So, it's really just it's sort of an educational journey for me and to help my team with our strategies support our clients. 

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Exploring the Adobe Talent Ecosystem

Dave Fox, Founder and CEO at Focus GTS

We are here seeing what’s happening with talent and recruiting and looking at the way Adobe continues to push out amazing talent — it’s a true talent ecosystem.

Headshots of Adobe Summit 2023 attendees: Rhasaun Campbell (top left), Dave Fox (bottom right), Jeff Cram (top right) and Cathy Humenik (bottom left).
Adobe Summit 2023 attendees: Rhasaun Campbell (top left), Dave Fox (bottom right), Jeff Cram (top right) and Cathy Humenik (bottom left).

Learning Opportunities

At-Scale Digital Experiences in Healthcare

Jeff Cram, SVP, Healthcare at Concentrix

The Concentrix team is excited to attend Adobe Summit this year because of the importance of creating more connected and at scale digital experience with our clients. I work closely with our healthcare clients, and there’s a real inflection point this year with the way content, data and experiences are all coming together.

For the first time in the industry, there’s now a HIPAA-ready data architecture and a maturity in the people and processes required to create some ground breaking experiences.

We’re looking forward to the event and learning from others in the community.

Connecting With Adobe Partner Ecosystem

Rhasaun Campbell, Web Consultant at Wrecking Ball

We're here to look at all the different Adobe partners. We are an Adobe partner ourselves, and we’re looking to see who we can partner with to build out solutions. I work with several different agencies like Wrecking Ball, an agency out of South Florida.

We do a lot of work with Adobe Creative Cloud internally. We are here to expand our footprint with Adobe to help them in their ecosystem and also to meet other customers that are looking for assistance with building out their enterprise.