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  • Google's latest release. Google unveils new AI-infused tools.
  • Automatically created assets. This new feature enables users to generate additional assets to complement existing assets.
  • Customer acquisition goal. Assists in achieving campaign objectives through two approaches: Value New Customer and New Customers Only.
  • Increased conversion. Early adopters of the Automatically Created Assets feature have seen an increase of 2% in conversions.

Google has unveiled new AI-enabled tools, including automatically created assets and customer acquisition objectives — to help advertisers create more meaningful and beneficial ads.

Generate Additional Advertising Assets

Delivering the optimal ad to the right person at the right time with relevant headlines and descriptions can be challenging, often requiring access to a range of creative assets — and in response, Google has unveiled automatically created assets.

Initially unveiled last year during its Google Marketing Live event — the feature is now available in beta to English-speaking advertisers.

Automatically created assets is a campaign-level setting that allows users to generate additional assets (headers and descriptions) to complement existing assets by using relevant creative content from the user's landing page, website, existing advertisements and ad group keywords.

The assets created by Google are added to the pool of assets available in the RSA. When the ad is eligible to be displayed for a query, the system will look through the user-provided assets along with those automatically created and select the ones expected to give the best results.

As part of this update, additional improvements will roll out in the coming weeks.

  • Ad Strength will consider both automatically created assets and existing assets when determining a rating.
  • Automatically created assets will use inputs such as keywords to customize headlines and improve their relevance to the query when it's predicted to improve performance.
  • Automatically created assets that you’d prefer not to include in your ads can be removed.

According to Google, early adopters have seen an increase of 2% in conversions at a comparable cost per conversion for ad groups with responsive search ads.

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Attain New Clientele via Search Ads

Because creating a constant flow of new customers is essential for increasing market share and generating revenue, Google also rolled out a new customer acquisition goal for acquiring customers through Search campaigns worldwide — utilizing Smart Bidding and first-party data — in order to identify and target potential customers who could be more valuable to the business.

The new customer acquisition goal has two approaches that can assist in achieving campaign objectives:

  • Value New Customer: Bid higher for new customers than for existing customers
  • New Customers Only: Bid for new customers only

Customer acquisition goal is currently available for Performance Max and Search campaigns.

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