New Digital Ad Playbook Focuses on Big Data

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Data is used in marketing and advertising. Nothing new there.

But just how to use it? A few companies hope to answer that question in a new "Best Practices Playbook" for executing data-driven dynamic advertising campaigns.

Jivox, a San Mateo, Calif.-based ad platform provider, partnered with Merkley + Partners and TVGla to produce the playbook. The goal is to help marketers make sense of an increasingly data-driven digital advertising world.

Keeping Up with Change

Officials made the announcement today at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Leadership Forum.

Peter Minnium, head of brand initiatives at the IAB, said in a statement that big data will "fundamentally change the way creative and media agencies think about and execute multiscreen advertising campaigns, yet best practices are few and far between."

Authors of the Playbook see six primary areas of concern:

Data-Driven Creativity: The Playbook will explore the creative process and address questions of what data to use when and where

Building Scalable Campaigns: The Consortium will examine the role of a Content Management System (CMS) as a dynamic repository of creative assets and provide guidelines for campaign set-up to ensure assets render correctly across all screens

Learning Opportunities

Access to Data: The Playbook will address standards for APIs across the data management space, with particular focus on open real time bidding and an increasingly programmatic environment

Multiscreen Delivery: The Playbook will discuss the central role of HTML5 in the larger context of viewability, as well as offer an industry standard for designating HTML5 support

Rules-Based Decisioning: The Playbook will provide Best Practices for identifying data signals and event triggers relevant to the brand, as well as decisioning and rules associated with personalized content

Building the Technology Stack: The Consortium will look at various approaches to building an effective technology stack for data-driven advertising, with particular focus on core functionality. The Playbook will remain product neutral.

Vladimir Golinder, director of digital operations and technology at Merkley + Partners, noted in a statement that data "affords us the ability to activate efficiently, accurately and more intelligently than ever before.”