A dog in front of a bed of flowers and a sign that says, "Give Thanks."
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As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, many will share why they're thankful. For me, it's health and family, above all; though for the former, those fast-food trips have to add up soon; need to cut back. #goals. 

I'm also thankful for my editors, who cut out the incoherent phrases and always push me to get better. I'm also grateful for my company, which approaches its third decade in existence and includes team members who operate with such passion and humility. Finally, I'm thankful for Tim Berners-Lee and Vincent Marotta because, at the end of the day, WiFi and coffee may be all that matters.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we've asked some marketers to share reasons for which they're thankful in their roles. Here's what they had to say:

My Amazing Team

Tim Brown, owner and lead strategist, Hook Agency

Headshot of Tim Brown
Tim Brown

By far the biggest part of my job I am thankful for is my amazing coworkers. I love marketing, and am very blessed to be in a field I am passionate about. But what makes my job fun isn't what I'm doing, but who I'm doing it with. There is no substitution for being on a team that is making it their duty to level up in their careers and personal life. There is accountability to being personally responsible for how we progress as people. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. 

Design Software, Cloud Technology

Valery Caputi Lopez, email campaign specialist, The Biltmore Company 

Headshot of Valery Caputi Lopez
Valery Caputi Lopez

The creative designer in me is completely in love with accessible digital and print layout web software like Canva, which allows me to create gorgeous mockups of every visual asset under the sun in minutes. While Adobe products are still my bread and butter, Canva gives me the speed to nail down my vision early in the creative process. It's like a WYSIWYG version of Photoshop!

Now, the technical marketer in me is intensely thankful for cloud technology. Everything is on the cloud nowadays. From Microsoft Office to Google Drive, the old excuse of "I couldn't finish the project because my computer broke" doesn't fly because work is always being backed up in real time. So even if one device fails, you can pick right back up where you left off with your phone or a friend's computer, resulting in a much more efficient and safe workflow that marketers, partners, and clients alike expect (and demand) in 2019.

AI & Automation

CJ Xia, VP of marketing & sales, Boster Biological Technology

Headshot of CJ Xia
CJ Xia

Artificial Intelligence has changed almost every field, and digital marketing is no exception to it. AI and automation have made it easier and simpler for us to focus less on repetitive and boring tasks like sending emails, importing data, answering customers’ questions and much more. Now we can spend more time on the important tasks which machines can’t do like flexing the creative side of our brains.

With automation, we are sure that our time and energy are being spent on the right and productive efforts. For example, we can market to the audiences we really want to reach. I am thankful for automation because of it our company has improved conversions, sales, customer retention, campaign measurability, and so much more.

The SEO Community

Peter Mead, head of marketing, Bitcoin Australia

Headshot of Peter Mead
Peter Mead

I’ve been to many events, and although we are competing against each other on some level, the amount of knowledge shared and tips given is unprecedented. You just don’t see that level of generosity in any other industry. SEO is so vast, it is impossible to know everything about everything. If I am struggling with anything or just have a query, a simple post on SEO Twitter gives me all the advice I need and usually a lot more. In summary, I am super grateful for the SEO community.

Tracking and Email Software

Ben Mirecki, founder and president, carpages.ca

headshot of Ben Mirecki
Ben Mirecki

Weirdly enough, tracking and email software. Previously we used to send emails with no idea if people were opening them, never mind clicking on our offers or news updates. We send thousands of emails a month and the insights gained from this tracking software has allowed us to tweak and improve on each iteration of emails. We know focus on quality emails over quantity, and this has given the team a break to focus on other tasks and not feel like email factory hens.

Competent, Diverse Marketing Team

Olga Mykhoparkina, chief marketing officer, Chanty

Headshot of Olga Mykhoparkina
Olga Mykhoparkina

I am thankful for having such a competent and diverse marketing team and big enough of a budget to hire them all. In other companies, I was always understaffed, but at the moment, there is someone in charge of everything in our marketing team. There is someone for social media, another person for link building and outreach, one person who does PR and finally, there is myself. I love the fact that the CEO recognizes that we need an expert for each aspect of our marketing activities!

When we just launched the company, I was there as one of the founding members and the only person in the marketing department. As we grew, I quickly realized how necessary it was to have someone dedicated just to one marketing activity. It makes a world of difference, and I am thankful to work in a company where the focus is on making work easy and not making it feel like a chore.