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  • Alfresco Brings BPM, ECM Closer Together

    Alfresco has taken another step to close the gap between its enterprise content management platform (ECM) and its business process management (BPM) offering. It's enhancing both platforms —

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  • There's a New Guy in Charge at Dropbox for Biz

    Dropbox for Business has received its share of criticism for not understanding the enterprise, but the critics might have to turn it down a notch now. That’s because former senior director of pr

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  • Citrix ShareFile Steps Up Its EFSS Game

    Citrix ShareFile Steps Up Its EFSS Game

    Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) vendors are a dime a dozen -- Gartner says that there are over 100 of them vying to win corporate business. And while many of them are successful at winning group

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  • You Can't Afford to Ignore Content Management

    Organizations are facing massive problems with content overload, especially from data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT), according to a recently published market intelligence report from AIIM,

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  • Simple Lessons on E-Signatures [Infographic]

    Simple Lessons on E-Signatures [Infographic]

    In the past few months, we've heard a lot of speculation why e-signature software has been so slow to gain traction — from legal and security issues to worker resistance and misunderstandings ab

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  • Xerox Offers 10 New Ways to Manage Documents

    Xerox likes to do things in a big way. At least that's the message it sent today by launching ten apps to automate document related processes, and, in the process, push many of them into the mobile wo

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  • It's a Sync and Share World

    Show me a company that doesn’t provide a way for its knowledge workers to share and collaborate on documents via their mobile devices and in the cloud, and I’ll show you a company that has

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  • Kofax Digitizes Transaction Management

    Kofax Digitizes Transaction Management

    Kofax, recently acquired by Lexmark, is back again — and this time, it's offering end-to-end digital transaction management. Not the hottest end of the document management space, you might

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  • 4 Reasons ECM Needs To Go Digital

    4 Reasons ECM Needs To Go Digital

    Enterprise content management (ECM) can't seem to get any respect. In just the past few months, several researchers have independently warned the whole space is being disrupted by forces outside of en

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  • Microsoft Puts OneDrive on the Apple Watch

    Microsoft Puts OneDrive on the Apple Watch

    Microsoft is offering OneDrive support for the new Apple Watch. The new version of OneDrive appeared in the Apple store yesterday. According to the blurb on the Apple store page, it offers users the a

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  • Have You Heard About Exchange Server 2016?

    Microsoft has been tight-lipped about its plans for Exchange Server 2016, the on-premises release that it plans to ship in the second half of 2015. Until last night, that is. While it won't make the b

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  • How You Can Cope With Email Overload

    How You Can Cope With Email Overload

    Feeling overwhelmed by all that email? Think fast, short and selective: When email piles up, most people send short responses to a small number of incoming messages as quickly as possible. If you're t

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  • Is Adobe Building A Productivity Cloud?

    It’s been a busy week in the document management space. Adobe let loose its Document Cloud, Accusoft and EMC teamed up on a release, and Microsoft shared some new releases and promises of things

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  • Does Lexmark Have What it Takes to Be an 800 Pound Gorilla?

    Does Lexmark Have What it Takes to Be an 800 Pound Gorilla?

    Where does an 800 pound gorilla sit?Anywhere it wants.And in the case of Lexmark, it wants to sit in the enterprise software space.Brian Anderson, Chief Technology Officer for enterprise software at L

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