Google Buys QuickOffice, Should Microsoft Be Worried?

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Yesterday Google was focused on social analyticsand making Google+ an easier social network to manage, now it's turnedits attention back to office productivity with the acquisition ofQuickOffice, a mobile office productivity software solution.

Who Needs The Details

Hopefully you don't need too many because all Google seems to be saying right now is that it bought QuickOffice and that it

has an established track record of enabling seamlessinteroperability with popular file formats, and we'll be working onbringing their powerful technology to our Apps product suite."

QuickOfficeis considered one of the best options to work on Microsoft-baseddocuments on the mobile -- including Android, iPhone, iPad, and a fewothers. Of course it also supports a number of other file formats, but the key here is likely the Microsoft Office compatibility.

Beating Microsoft to Finish Line

Thatis what most are suggesting this acquisition is all about. Windows 8tablets are on the horizon and you know that Office software will be animportant element of what makes the tablet sell in the enterprise.

Learning Opportunities

Over at ZDNet, Larry Dignan put it best:

Google should have said:

We’ve acquired Quickoffice as a nice offensive againstMicrosoft before it goes mobile happy with Office. We think we canintegrate Apps and Quickoffice before Microsoft launches its mobileassault."

What we know is that QuickOffice is supported on over 300,000,000 devices in 180 countries - that's a lot of reach. Google says it will be integrated with Google Apps -- hopefully making the Office compatibility a lot richer.