Employee recognition and engagement company Achievers is getting on the employee experience train with a new software platform aimed at improving how companies engage and recognize their employees.

The Achievers Employee Experience Platform is now available for use, as the Toronto-based company works to create what it calls a "connected ecosystem" of products and integrations to support companies' employee experience strategy. The company is putting the concept of "belonging" at the center of its approach.

A recent study from Achievers Workforce Institute found that employees with a strong sense of belonging end up feeling a strong sense of connection, and are twice as likely to be engaged, productive, committed, enthusiastic and resilient in their work as a result. More than a third of employees with a low sense of belonging say they have never received a formal recognition.

Achievers research into employee engagement and retention indicates that employee experience is more fragmented than ever, with just 21% of employees saying they're very engaged, and almost half saying they feel less connected to their company and colleagues compared to before the pandemic. HR programs are also fragmented due to disparate systems for programs like analytics and bottlenecks in administration, the report said.

Learning Opportunities

The new employee experience platform uses personalized, mobile-first experiences and AI to deliver content and encourage employee participation, and is built on five main tenets: recognize, celebrate, reward, listen and connect. 

"This data-driven model of belonging provides powerful scaffolding to guide organizations through the complexities and priorities of building the employee experience in ways that activate an employee-powered culture," said Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, chief workforce scientist at Achievers, in a press release statement. "Success in driving each of the five belonging factors predicts increased employee engagement, job satisfaction and mental health — while also decreasing fatigue and emotional exhaustion."

According to Achievers CEO and president Jeff Cates, the platform is “about combining digital systems and workflows with behavioral science for a seamless experience. This is what our new platform is all about — it's about making it easy to lean into the impact of recognition on inclusion and belonging."

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