Whistle has raised $3.2 million to build out its employee engagement platform. This is Whistle's initial investment round.

Whistle's platform combines next-generation learning technology and real-time payments with artificial intelligence and business information to enable businesses to quantify their investment in people programs, according to Chris Dornfeld, president and co-founder of Whistle. He added Whistle will use the funds to support the growth of the Whistle platform through increased sales activity and engineering.

Whistle Brings Microlearning, Micropayments

Dornfeld told Reworked.co that for mid-sized and small enterprises, Whistle brings together all of the factors necessary to modify behavior in order to achieve better business outcomes such as: 

  • Microlearning: Providing the right knowledge at the right time and produce better learning outcomes.

  • Micropayments: A real-time and mechanism for motivation and recognition.

  • Robin: The Whistle AI persona provides informed nudges and recommendations to maximize each person’s success.

“Each year companies waste billions of dollars trying to change people’s behavior through programs and systems that don’t work," Dornfeld said. "No one knows the ROI of your recognition, wellness, culture, engagement, learning or any other people program — even though metrics on retention and engagement continue to decline. The current systems are not working because they focus on administrative efficiency vs. human experience."

According to research from McKinsey, Dornfeld noted, employers must focus on the deeper employee experience and relational elements if they want to impact factors like retention. "A group of experts in technology, data and behavioral science came together to understand what actually moved the needle on human performance and build a better system to empower people’s success," Dornfeld said, explaining the genesis of the Whistle product offering.

Whistle, he added, helps companies rethink everything from employee onboarding to front line manager training, real-time spot bonuses and distributed budgets for culture for hybrid and distributed workforces.

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Whistle Is Mobile-First

Whistle is a mobile-first app that focuses on minimizing cognitive friction points and boosting attention on the most critical aspects of a user's experience, according to Dornfeld. As a SaaS, cloud-based platform built on the next generation of data infrastructure, Whistle helps customer partners get and use data to build employee experiences.

Learning Opportunities

"And all of this can be done with great efficiency, security, and scalability," Dornfeld said. "Advanced permission architecture and data visualization tools allow companies to cascade real time information throughout the organization, so each team has visibility to appropriate insights."

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What's Next for Whistle?

Dornfeld said Whistle, which has 16 employees, will continue to focus on features proven to improve business outcomes. Companies, he added, are taking a step back to consider employee experience and employee-centric strategy.

The company's most recent innovations outside of the current news include Whistle Microlearning and Whistle Insights, introduced as beta versions in 2021. It marked the first step in the company's development of its first two products, according to Dornfeld.

"Whistle Microlearning helps companies deliver a curated employee experience like onboarding and first-time manager training — two of the biggest factors impacting employee retention," he said. "Whistle Insights connects learning effectiveness to business outcomes like productivity, safety and employee retention."

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