ClipTraining Introduces Web-Based Videos

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If you've ever had to search YouTube for a tutorial on how to do anything from Microsoft Word to Photoshop to iTunes, you'll appreciate ClipTraining.

ClipTraining, a company that specializes in computer-based training, has announced the availability of its complete training management solutions. From businesses to individuals, ClipTraining has adapted education into a Web-based Issue-Solution on-demand Learning Management System (LMS).

ClipTraining offers an online testing interface that aims to reduce manual staff training procedures while improving employee productivity. Not only will companies benefit from the convenience of web-based learning, ClipTraining's videos feature a variety of accomplished instructors who regularly contribute their expertise to help train others.

Save Money, Promote Education

Sure web-based learning is an cost-saving solution, but it's also practical in many other ways. Companies will be able to teach many employees at once about critical and new applications, at each individual's own pace. The videos offer training overviews and can help answer viewer's questions along the way.

By implementing a Learning Management System, a company is effectively dedicating itself to the education and evolution of its employees and its strategies.


Some of the training topics offered by ClipTraining

Train and Monitor Employee Training

Through an administrator dashboard, employees use a self sign up tool, freeing up administrators from creating and managing hundreds of user accounts. The administrator dashboard lets supervisors monitor user activity, employee exam results and create customizable accounts displaying only video training to user-specific employees.

Learning Opportunities

Though training may be required, managers can be sure that their staff is fully understanding the material and can assist questions as appropriate. Users can even email instructors for further information. 

Other key features offered by ClipTraining include:

  • Company Portal – private, self-service access to the ClipTraining Library and hosted educational programs developed by ClipTraining for worldwide organizations
  • ClipTraining Library – contains the most in-demand business applications, including Microsoft Office 2007 and 2003, Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7, SharePoint, Adobe Acrobat and Identity Theft Prevention
  • Custom training programs - designed to help supervisors train individuals and employees from small to large organizations alike

Accounts are available on a single user basis for US$ 75 per user for 12 month access, and Company portals start at US$ 72 per user for 12 month access, with significant bulk discounts.

Companies are realizing that even though costs must be cut, staff must still be trained so that business can grow and continue to meet the needs of customers.