MindTouch Mashes Enterprise Data Silos, Workflow, Wikis

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MindTouch Deki Kilen Woods
MindTouch has released the latest version of its open source collaboration platform, known as Kilen Woods. This new version bridges a number of technologies required for collaboration and collective intelligence including usability improvements, workflow and enterprise integration adapters. It's a solution that has definitely come a long way from the days when we called it Deki Wiki -- and that wasn't so long ago.

Enhancements to the Deki Solution

This new enterprise version of the MindTouch Deki delivers a number of improvements while working in the same wiki collaboration interface.

Enterprise Adapters and Web Services

Some of the enterprise adapters include:* Adapters for third party solutions such as: SugarCRM, Salesforce and LinkedIn * Microsoft database Adapters: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and Microsoft ADO.NET * VisiFire, PrinceXML, ThinkFree Office and WordPress

In addition to these adapters there are over 100 web service extensions that enable you to pull in data from just about anyway developing mashups, reports and dashboards of all kinds. You don't find many wikis that do all that.

Enabled for the Non-technical User

MindTouch has developed its wiki with the non-technical user in mind. Once an administrator registers a web service or external applications, regular users can create mashups, easy to use templates, reports and dashboards.

In addition, they can also do the following:* Can access Deki from the desktop using specialized front-ends* Embed Deki into existing applications* Create an entire wiki page structure by dragging and dropping a directory structure from Windowsto Deki* Publish an email thread to Deki from Outlook, including all attachments

MindTouch Goes After the Competition

According to eWeek, MindTouch's target customer is the Microsoft Systems Integrator. They say that "MindTouch has come a long way since launching its Deki wiki platform at OSCON 2007."This release may see them start to catch up to competitor MediaWiki. Currently downloads of Deki are between 2 and 3,000 downloads a day. Now that's not bad, but compared to the 15,000 per day for MediaWiki, they have a way to go.eWeek thinks that this release may also capture the attention of Microsoft as a nice complementary solution for SharePoint. "Kilen Woods is easily MindTouch's strongest foray into the enterprise yet. While traditional wiki apps allow users to work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations together and share video, e-mail and other files, the new Deki is integrating significant business apps that millions of users employ to improve business processes.""The latest release of MindTouch Deki demonstrates the significant growth that our platform has had from a year ago when we introduced the new platform at OSCON 2007," says Aaron Fulkerson, co-founder and CEO, MindTouch.The Kilen Woods release is expected to be released July 31, 2008.