AvePoint Manages SharePoint SQL Storage, Archiving

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AvePoint Manages SharePoint SQL Storage, Archiving
AvePoint (news, site), is a well known provider of SharePoint administration and management solutions. Their flagship product line, DocAve, has recently been updated to include the beta release of a new suite to support storage, intelligent archiving and migration-free content attachments for both SharePoint 2007 and the upcoming SharePoint 2010.

The DocAve Storage Optimization Suite

Called the DocAve Storage Optimization Suite, it includes three independent modules for managing content within SharePoint:

DocAve Archiver

The Archiver offers intelligent archiving of SharePoint content including everything from Site Collections down to individual document versions. Content is archived via business rules or on demand to any location such as file stores, cloud storage and other locations.

The Archiver is not new, but has been updated to offer additional functionality for SharePoint 2007 including fully indexed archive data and seamless integration with SharePoint via its BLOB Storage APIs.

DocAve Connector

The Connector enables companies to use SharePoint to manage content that does not exist within SharePoint directly. So if you want to keep digital assets on a network or in cloud storage, you can while continuing to use SharePoint as the front-end to manage those assets.

The Connector adds two new library types to SharePoint:

  • DocAve ContentLibrary: Connects to attached file shares and offers all the native SharePoint functionality including metadata, workflow, permission management and more.
  • DocAve Media Library: This Silverlight enhanced library connects to file shares on the network or in the cloud to stream media and video content into SharePoint.

DocAve Archiver

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DocAve Extender

The Extender utilizes the Microsoft BLOB Storage APIs to instantly push content to non-SharePoint storage as soon as it's added to SharePoint. The end-user never knows the content isn't being stored in SharePoint.

Rules can be set to identify exactly what BLOB content should be stored within SharePoint's SQL Server repository and what should be moved off SharePoint.

DocAve 5.3 out in Beta

The DocAve Storage Optimization Suite Beta comes as part of the beta release for DocAve 5.3. In addition, v5.3 includes enhancements to the DocAve Migrator module. This module now supports full-fidelity transfer of content from Oracle/Stellant and Open Text Vignette into SharePoint 2007.

The beta is currently available as a 30 day trial, but full release is expected sometime this month. Of course this doesn't include support for SharePoint 2010.

The DocAve Storage Optimization Suite for SharePoint 2010 will be available as part of the DocAve Platform v6, scheduled to be released on the same day as SharePoint 2010.