xCMIS Fuels CMIS With Another Java Implementation

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Following Apache Chemistry’s suit, another Java-based and open source implementation of the CMIS specification hit the streets. Meet xCMIS -- a server side implementation of CMIS developed by eXo (news, site).

Currently in xCMIS 1.0 beta1, xCMIS supports eXo's Java Content Repository (JCR), third-party CMIS clients, new eXo CMIS client based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT), and an integration with the GateIn portal.

The implementation is done according to Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) version 1.0 draft 06 for REST AtomPub and Web Services (SOAP/WSDL) protocol bindings.

So far, the implementation (packaged as J2EE .war, or as an Apache Tomcat bundle) includes the following:

Learning Opportunities

  • CMIS server
  • InMemory for testing purpose
  • Client for accessing CMIS-compliant repositories

eXo reports that it has tested their implementation with other CMIS clients, such as IBM CMIS Firefox Connector and CMIS Spaces Flex+AIR client.

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