Affiliate World Dubai 2022

What You’ll Learn

We will be combining our Affiliate World Europe 2021 and Affiliate World Asia 2021 into one, massive, Earth-shattering, Affiliate World Global: Dubai event that will take place February 28 - March 1, 2022. That’s right. No more covid-cuffs. No more lock downs. We’re going to show Dubai just how the affiliate industry gets down putting its “Vegas 2.0” title to the test.

We will not only transfer your current ticket to our Affiliate World Global Dubai show in February 2022, but we will also throw in an additional FREE ticket for you to Affiliate World Europe Barcelona show later in the year in July!This means that you can choose to attend the Dubai show, or attend the Barcelona show, or attend both... all at no additional cost to you.Affiliate World Global will be a one off, once-in-lifetime, event in Dubai. And you know better than anyone, Affiliate World will turn this city upside down.