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    by Gerry McGovern What makes a great website is focus and clarity of purpose. A great website is unpretentious. It doesn't pretend to be what it is not. It never wastes your time because it always gets to the point. A great website helps you to act. Microsoft has a great homepage.

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  • People Found to be Overwhelmingly Superficial

    This is not new news, but it is a reminder to myself and others involved in the publishing of information on the web. I was just rereading the abstract from the web site credibility report carried out by the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab. Not much detail is necessary here. The

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  • The warp on which we weave a socially constructed reality (Udell on XML)

    <CMSWire> Jon Udell's latest article entitled "The Social Life of XML" is a lucid reminder of the potential contextual capabilities of XML in a document context verses a payload context (e.g., web services), and a refreshing overview of XML from a usage, rather than technical or grammatical perspective.

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  • Should You Centralize or Decentralize Your Web Publishing?

    An Article by Gerry McGovern Large websites often struggle to develop an efficient and cost- effective publishing model. Centralizing publishing ensures a consistent quality of what is published, but is often slow and frustrating. Decentralized publishing is faster and often more cost-effective, but can result in inconsistent quality, unless rigorous

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  • CMS Product List, The List of Lists

    Clueful Consulting A directory of products organized into various views. Includes a small amount of commentary on each product. CMS Directory A collection of links and news. They are also working on a comparison database. CMS Matrix A young but evolving and promising tool for product comparisons. CMS Review Bob Doyle's CMS comparison tool. Contains lots of

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