SetSeed Launches Hosted CMS on Standing Cloud Platform

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Hosted CMS technology vendor SetSeed, whose service is designed to allow website providers to retain design control, is introducing a new cloud-based solution in conjunction with Standing Cloud, a cloud services provider. 

SetSeed Hosting allows the delivery of portable cloud-based sites on platforms from more than 15 public cloud providers -- including Amazon Web Services and HP Cloud.


According to SetSeed, specific advantages of SetSeed Hosting include single-click managed hosting, automated management services, such as server monitoring and auto-restore and the ability to easily add capacity.

These cloud features are offered in addition to the standard features of SetSeed, which most significantly include what the vendor calls “robust separation” between content and design. While a user’s clients have full control of their content, SetSeed leaves all control of site design on the user’s server.

In addition, SetSeed says no installation or plug-ins are necessary and the CMS back-end is fully mobile-compliant and can also be branded by the client. SetSeed runs as a single installation on a web server so all hosted client websites share the same core code. The company plans to release version 7 of its hosted Web CMS solution in the near future.

Learning Opportunities

SetSeed Looks to the Future

Cloud-based, hosted CMS solutions that require no installation or plug-ins just may be the wave of the future. As far back as November 2011, CMSWire was reporting that CMS suite providers needed to move aways from the traditional enterprise model to a new content-centric model that also eliminates deployment and maintenance requirements on the end user (i.e., CMS as a hosted service). Providing a hosted Web CMS through a public cloud even further eases any infrastructure strain on both the provider and the ultimate end client.

Hostage to Hosted CMS?

Marketing services consulting firm Spicy Spirit is not as bullish about the rise of hosted CMS as some other observers. According to a recent posting on the Spicy Spirit blog, there is a “lock-in” aspect to the hosted CMS model that can create serious drawbacks, especially for smaller clients.

Basically once you use a hosted CMS, either you chose it by yourself or your web designer chose it for you, you are stuck to that platform,” states Spicy Spirit. “The hosting provider won't give you full access to the source code and if you need to modify anything that cannot be done via the admin panel, you have to pay the hosting company to do it for you, such as adding a site-wide search feature, newsletter subscription box, etc.”

This concern is probably valid, but SetSeed at least partially resolves it by offering full portability to more than 15 different public cloud platforms delivered via Standing Cloud.

Potential SetSeed Hosting customers can engage in a free 24-hour trial including a private testing server and the latest version of SetSeed pre-installed. At the end of the 24-hour free trial, users have the option of upgrading to a fully hosted, paid account on any one of Standing Cloud’s supported cloud providers.