Attivio’s SharePoint Integrator Finds Structured and Unstructured Content

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For companies that having difficulties finding and tracking their content across SharePoint 2010, this week’s release of Attivio’s (news, site) Active Intelligence Engine for SharePoint integration will be a major step forward.

With many organizations still using SharePoint 2007, and more moving to SharePoint with the commercial release of SharePoint 2010 in May, enterprises are now struggling to keep up with the explosion in the number of SharePoint sites and pages.

Even with improvements that were introduced to SharePoint’s search functions in the 2010 release, the general consensus is that content search across servers still leaves a lot to be desired, leaving many enterprises with a whole pile of content, but no way of finding and using it.

The rapid growth of SharePoint adoption facilitates collaboration at a department level, but also raises concerns as it lacks robust built-in search capabilities across servers and there's no simple way to reuse SharePoint content in other reporting mechanisms,”Sid Probstein, CTO, Attivio said at the AIE for SharePoint launch.

AIE and SharePoint

However, Attivio says AIE for SharePoint Integration will change that by offering users easy search, identification and integration of both structured and unstructured content.

AIE searches structured and unstructured data

It does this by unifying diverse datasets and providing a single method for users to find the information they need without having to go through legacy integration.

Built on Attivio’s AIE, the SP Integrator pulls all types of information regardless of source or format in response to a single query and presents the results to users at a single location. It offers obvious advantages over legacy search options including:

Learning Opportunities

  • Data relationship retention from text sources
  • Text analytics and sentiment analysis
  • Customizable interfaces, from lists and reports to interactive dashboards
  • Attivio also says that it can be quickly deployed so time-to-value is achieved in weeks rather than months.

Active Intelligence Engine

This is not the first time we’ve come across Attivio or its AIE.At the end of 2009  CMSWire spoke with Andrew McKay, Senior Vice President and MaryAnne Sinville, VP Marketing at Attivio to get a view into the world of Unified Information Access and a look at the Active Intelligence Engine.


Attivio's AIE

The AIE, they explained, is a platform that combines structured and unstructured content. It provides a single API/view into that content without compromising analytics and search functionality.

All content is brought into a single repository. The AIE can ingest and index pretty much anything. In fact, it supports 400-500 different document types (didn't know there were that many), web content, twitter feeds, media (videos, instant messaging), data using JDBC and most of the top Document Management and Content Management Systems.

Attivio is an information access platform provider, not a solution provider. They sell their platform through ISVs and System Integrators. Essentially the Active Intelligence Engine is middleware, the central repository from which front-end solutions can be built. For more on AIE you can find a number of demonstration videos here.