CaseCentral Advances Self-Service e-Discovery, Connects to the Cloud

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CaseCentral Introduces eDiscovery Connector for Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator
It’s no secret that automating the transfer of data into e-Discovery is a huge advantage for companies, especially as the amount of information stored grows. But because much information remains unstructured or in the cloud, bringing it into the automation process is not always easy.  Today, CaseCentral announces availability of the self-service CaseCentral CloudConnect software for the CaseCentral e-Discovery Platform.

Connecting e-Discovery to the Cloud

CloudConnect allows companies to securely upload data into the CaseCentral e-Discovery Platform to conduct data analysis, early case assessment (ECA) and review and manage production. We spoke with Steve d'Alencon, chief marketing office at CaseCentral, to learn more about CloudConnect and how it helps clients eliminate the time, risks and costs associated with packaging, shipping and processing electronically stored information (ESI) for use in litigation, regulatory responses or internal investigations.

Last year, CaseCentral announced a connector that integrated Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator with the cloud-based CaseCentral e-Discovery Platform. CloudConnect furthers CaseCentral’s commitment to eliminating the need for manual exports and uploads between IT and legal departments.

Replacing time-consuming and risk-inherent manual processes, which required copying ESI to media and shipping it to a vendor or firm for processing, deduplication and loading into an e-Discovery tool, not only makes sense, but eliminates errors and improves defensibility. With CaseCentral, users select the required files to upload and the software encrypts, transfers, processes, deduplicates and loads the data per client specifications. By maintaining chain of custody and creating an end-to-end process, time, risks and costs associated with manual processes can be reduced significantly.

Learning Opportunities

The Changing Face of e-Discovery

d’Alencon says that, as more companies are on the buying side of e-Discovery, the market is starting to change. As a result, self-service, SaaS options become more attractive, as it not only saves time and money, but it empowers counsel at any size company or law firm to manage parts of the process in-house, without the dependence on support staff, external vendors or law firms. Additionally, as search terms become agreed-upon earlier, CaseCentral’s CloudConnect gives administrators at companies the ability to authorize local counsel to load data on one case, while ensuring best practice specifications and standards are followed. And data loaded for one case becomes available for use in other cases, as needed.

In January, just in time for Legal Tech 2012, CaseCentral will make CloudConnect available to all current and new customers at no charge (however, subject to prerequisites for data processes and subscription models).