GRC Roll-up: Google Continues Postini Move To Apps, SharePoint Governance Strategies

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Even with the summer lull there are a few notable GRC points. The main one this week is Google's further plans for Postini. This week also saw Clearwater’s new SaaS released, a new series on SharePoint governance and Accenture’s acquisition of Octagon.

Google’s Postini Plans

Google has announced an upgrade to its Postini security unit and has also outlined where it will be going with Postini over the course of 2013.

Writing on the Google Enterprise blog, Adam Dawes, Product Manager at Google Apps, says that over the past two years developers have released a whole pile of Postini features right into Google Apps.

These releases include user policy management, email content filters, archiving, retention and e-Discovery with Google Apps Vault.

Looking to the end of this year, he says there will be a lot more integration, aiming to transition Postini Google Message Security and Google Message Discovery customers straight into Google Apps.

The most recent part of this move is the announcement that as of this week Google Apps administrators can use a new feature to manage routing and basic filtering of email to on-premise systems as well as email to Google Apps users.

Dawes says that this feature will make it easier for groups like sales, support and operations to use generic email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected]

Previously, messages to these addresses need to be routed to ticketing or alerting systems outside of Gmail, but with these changes Gmail will be able to define routing rules to get the messages to their desired destinations.

Google acquired Postini in 2007 for US$ 625 million with the intention of streamlining Postini's security and corporate compliance technology to Google's enterprise services.

There are a lot of other features on the way over the coming five months. If you’re interested in more on the transition of Google Postini Services to Google Apps, check out the video below.

SharePoint Governance Strategy

With all the excitement around the release of SharePoint 2013Preview, CMSWire decided to take a deeper look at SharePoint over themonth of August.

One of the things that we looked at was the development of aSharePoint governance strategy. According to contributing writer Frederik Leksell, many portals, intranets, public websites and other solutionsfail to deliver objectives and ROI within 6 months to a year because noone governs the solution.

To examine this problem, he will be writing a series of articles sharing his thoughts on SharePoint governance strategies tohelp companies turn success rates around. Interested in more onthis?

Learning Opportunities

Clearwater’s SaaS Launch

Also this week, HIPAA-HITECH vendor Clearwater Compliance, has announced the launch of Clearwater HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, a SaaS solution that will help companies manage their health data and keep them in compliance with the numerous regulations governing this kind of data.

Clearwater HIPAA Security Risk Analysis is an interactive Software-as-a-Service tool designed to guide companies that handle electronic Protected Health Information to complete a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis required for compliance with various regulations.

The new service specifically enables companies to ensure compliance with compulsory administrative, technical and physical security requirements stipulated in the HIPAA Security Rule. Using the products, risk managers are led through a series of steps that follow HHS/OCR guidance on completing a risk analysis, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) security framework.

The software records, maintains and presents a complete repository about information assets and media that monitors company risk. If you are interested in more, check out the video below.

Accenture Buys Octagon

Finally this week, Accenture announced plans to buy Octagon Research Solutions, an information management vendor that provides regulatory management software for the pharmaceutical industry.Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

According to Accenture, the acquisition will improve its ability to help its pharmaceutical clients achieve more efficient global regulatory submissions that will enable them to get medicines to market more quickly, safely and at a lower cost.

Octagon is a recognized provider of clinical data conversion and training standards for the FDA and has deep knowledge of regulatory affairs. It will be fully integrated into Accenture's Life Sciences industry group.