MailChimp is giving away the goods. 

Namely, its automated marketing email capabilities — previously only available at extra cost — are now being offered gratis to all of its 15 million existing customers.

The automations allow users to send targeted emails when triggered by an event, such as a subscriber’s birthday, abandoned shopping cart items or a new customer sign up.

According to a statement from Atlanta-based MailChimp this helps businesses connect with customers at the right time, while growing their business at the same time. The company cites the example of the Abandoned Cart automation, which, it claims, earns users an average of $619 more per month.

Among the services now on offer for free are abandoned cart notification, customer reengagement and order notifications.

Free Today, Free Tomorrow 

As a marketing automation company, MailChimp claims its mission is to give SMBs tools to help them compete with enterprises. Making automations free to all users is a step in that direction. And it seems as if the tools will remain free for the foreseeable future.

“They will remain free. Our success as a company depends on the success of our users — offering automations for free to all 15 million users allows them to build their brand and sell more, which helps us attract and retain more customers, ultimately helping MailChimp grow,” a MailChimp spokesperson told CMSWire.

“Using MailChimp to create and send free email marketing was transformational for millions of small business owners who couldn't afford it.”

Learning Opportunities

Part of a Bigger Strategy

Email is just the beginning for MailChimp. Its ultimate goal is to become a holistic ecommerce solution for businesses. 

In January it launched Facebook Ads, which allows customers to create, manage and track multi-channel campaigns inside MailChimp. The company claims more is on the way for other channels as well.

Last month, MailChimp also introduced an expanded content manager as well as campaign URL customization.

The content manager aims to help MailChimp customers organize creative campaign assets and resources, while the URL customization feature means that every email is created in MailChimp, the company creates a browser-friendly version — or campaign page.