Is MovableType a Web CMS?

2 minute read
Brice Dunwoodie avatar
The question that was posed to me recently was: "Can I use Movable Type as a Web CMS solution?" My answer: "Yes, but...". Movable Type is the prolific blogging tool produced by Ben and Mena Trott,the dynamic duo running Silicon Valley's SixApart. Its also the technology behind this and 1000's of other websites.But is Moveable Type a Web Content Management System? If one answers this question empirically, yes, it certainly is. There is probably more web content being managed by MT than by any other single software product. Its been downloaded nearly a million times since its initial release. It is powering countless blogs and increasingly web sites too. MT is everywhere. MT is web content management.Now does MT have all the features we've come to expect from a WCM product? No, it does not. Will it eventually have those features? I doubt it ever will. MT is blogging. MT is rapid publishing. MT is CMS, but it is different.Blogging has been associated with meaningless drivel. We've learned abouthating the DMV, the mind of your new puppy, Paris Hilton, the weather in NYC, etc., etc. Blogging is more than this. Blogging and content tools such as Movable Type have invented a new mode and a new tone of human interaction on the Web. With this has come a new form of web content. Movable Type manages this web content.Blogging is both "I hate my neighbors cat" and "We've increased customer response rates by 10%". MT makes both these things happen. And in the near future it will be doing more.