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  • Leave Your iPad at Home, Forget BYOD, Says HP

    Face it, HP notes: iPads, Android and Windows tablets may be great but they weren’t built specifically for business.

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  • What Enterprise Apps Could Learn From Consumer Apps

    Development of mobile apps for consumers and enterprise are two different animals. Consumer apps come from a broad range of sources, from individual hobbyists building Flappy Bird clones to publicly traded kings of the consumer app industry unleashing Candy Crush Sagas upon the workers of the world.

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  • A Look Back Broken Promises of the Mobile Enterprise

    A Look Back: Broken Promises of the Mobile Enterprise

    Perhaps nothing in information technology offers a richer mix of expectation and disillusionment than the mobile enterprise. It's become like the lover who keeps promising a long-term relationship but never commits.

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  • CMSWire Top Contributors 2014 - Hyoun Park

    Hyoun Park is a prolific tweeter — and much more: A Boston University MBA-trained marketer, a trained social scientist with experience in cross-cultural gender studies and an industry analyst covering social technologies, mobility and enterprise communications.

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  • Whats Hot and Whats Not in Enterprise Mobility Trends

    What's Hot and What's Not in Enterprise Mobility Trends

    Why? User experience, integration and productivity rule the market. And for IT administrators, understanding the trends that drive this ever-changing marketplace is crucial.

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  • Apple IBM Mega Deal Reveals First Offering

    Apple, IBM Mega Deal Reveals First Offering

    On the heels of its summer mega deal with Apple, enterprise software and hardware giant IBM struck a partnership with Twitter. Today, IBM unveiled the first offering from that Apple deal -- IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions.

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  • TigerText Expands Its Secure Texting for the Enterprise

    TigerText Expands Its Secure Texting for the Enterprise

    Today, TigerText expanded its enterprise-grade texting service, hoping to add to the 5,000 healthcare facilities that already use its secure cloud-based network. The five-year-old company also has its eye on expansion into the financial services and government sectors, which face comparable challenges in controlling the information shared by workers.

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  • Where Enterprise Mobile Fits in the Digital Workplace

    “Let’s just make the intranet accessible on mobile devices. It looks fine on my smartphone, I just have to zoom in a little.” Nope. No, no, no. That is not a good enterprise mobile strategy.

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  • Did Microsoft Buy Acompli

    Did Microsoft Buy Acompli?

    UPDATE: It’s now official. Acompli confirms Microsoft has acquired it. Sources say that it sold for around $200 million, though no one we have approached is willing to go on record with a number. While we’re waiting for Microsoft to spell out its reasoning for making the purchase, it’s safe to assume that it’s yet another step up CEO Satya Nadella’s ladder to a mobile first, cloud first world. Not just that, but it also gives the enterprise yet another reason to move to and stick with the Office 365 platform, with which Acompli is already integrated. It also offers “amazing” support for email and file services from Apple, Dropbox, Google and Box, the company boasts. In a blog post, Acompli co-founder and CEO Javier Soltero explains that his team sought to create a mobile e-mail product for enterprises that is “Loved by users and trusted  for IT," which is pretty much what every enterprise collaboration vendor promises to do. But based on our quick look at the solution, it has hit the mark and is destined to keep raising the stakes with Microsoft’s ample resources to fuel its growth. Current Accompli users should note that, according to Soltero, their “app and accounts will continue to work and the team will continue on our fast pace of improving and adding new functionality every couple of weeks.” Slip

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  • Google for Work Puts Security in the Hands of Employees

    Microsoft may be making a lot of noise about additional security features in Office 365, but Google has been working away behind the scenes too, if perhaps in a less vocal way. Yesterday, it launched the Devices and Activity dashboard, which monitors Google accounts on enterprise devices.

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  • IBM Aims to Ease Mobile Enterprise Management

    IBM Aims to Ease Mobile Enterprise Management

    First, workers brought their own devices to work and demanded network access. Then mobile workers wanted remote access to business apps across all brands of tablets and phones. And all the while concerns about budgets, security and administration grew nearly as fast as the number of users. It's not over.

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  • How to Tame Your Mobile Security Dragon

    It's complicated. It's expensive and we don’t have the budget for it. There are no unifying standards. The apps are complex.

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  • Is Word for iPad Ready for Prime Time?

    Conventional wisdom says that the average user uses only 10 percent of a software product, however each user tends to use a different 10 percent. To accommodate many different types of users, software packages incorporate a zillion features that require insane amounts of memory.

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  • 5 Reasons IT Is Scared of Mobile Security

    5 Reasons IT Is Scared of Mobile Security

    Last month Spiceworks released a study about mobile security in the enterprise – or, as the case may be, lack thereof.

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