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  • Thank You AppleIBM Why Mega Deal is Good for Microsoft

    Thank You, Apple-IBM? Why Mega Deal is Good for Microsoft

    Apple and IBM announce a mega deal that changes the mobile enterprise as we know it -- during the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. Microsoft lays off 18,000 the same week at its conference, about 14 percent of its workforce.

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  • Good Bet or Huge Gamble Microsofts Vision for the Future

    Good Bet or Huge Gamble? Microsoft's Vision for the Future

    You might not have heard much about it, but that’s not because it’s not worthwhile or important -- it’s just that tech news is generally aimed at enterprises, businesses and consumers, not partners (namely, other software companies, systems integrators, product vendors, consulting firms and so on).

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  • Our Favorite Tweets from the AppleIBM Mega Deal

    Our Favorite Tweets from the Apple-IBM Mega Deal

    We've already offered some great perspective on the IBM-Apple Mega Deal. Now for some comic relief. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite tweets from the IBM-Apple deal that shook up the mobile enterprise world. Tweet, Tweet Setting the stage for a cyber fight, perhaps: I wonder if

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  • Big Bigger Huge Apple IBM Create Massive Partnership

    Big, Bigger, Huge: Apple, IBM Create Massive Partnership

    The future of technology as we know it took a massive step in a new direction today with the news of a partnership between Apple and IBM.

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  • Showdown at the Mobile Enterprise Corral

    Showdown at the Mobile Enterprise Corral

    Why have so many mobile enterprise companies made financial announcements within the last few weeks? In the mobile device management (MDM) space, Good Technology has filed an S1 to go public and MobileIron successfully executed an IPO. In the File Sync and Share (FSS) space, Dropbox announced a $500M line

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  • The Enterprise Mobility Showdown

    To achieve competitive advantage, large organizations today are developing mobile applications that meet three key objectives: 1) enable new mobile business processes for employees, 2) meet the growing mobile demands of customers, and 3) unlock new revenue potential within their business and with partners.

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  • Syncplicity Challenge Give Up Your PC and Mac for 30 Days

    Syncplicity Challenge: Give Up Your PC and Mac for 30 Days

    Everyone’s talking about the Mobile First, Cloud First world. In fact, shortly after being named CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella announced that from here on out Microsoft would become a Mobile First, Cloud First company. Want to bet how many people at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash.

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  • 5 Mobile App Policies You Need

    You can’t go mobile with a desktop mindset -- but that’s just what too many IT organizations do. The most commonly applied mobile app policies are holdovers from the PC environment, like two-factor authentication and selective access based on Active Directory membership.

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  • The Mobile Enterprise Wont Be Built in a Day

    The Mobile Enterprise Won't Be Built in a Day

    These complications have limited the payback that organizations have been able to reap from their BYO programs. Organizations are dealing with the first two items by limiting their approved list of supported devices, and by (finally) deploying mobile device management (MDM) or similar security solutions.

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  • Why Google Just Bought Divide

    Yes you can use your Android phone for work and do so with the CIO’s blessing. Maybe the corporate watchdogs aren’t telling you this quite yet, but chances are that they will before long. Why? Because Google just purchased mobile device management company, Divide. Formerly known as Enterproid, Divide

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  • Jitterbit Releases DIY Harmony Integration Platform

    Jitterbit Releases DIY Harmony Integration Platform

    Solutions are one thing. Integration is another — and it's often is a bigger deal than the solutions themselves. To address that bottleneck, Jitterbit has announced general availability of its cloud-based enterprise Harmony Integration Platform.

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  • Getting to the What When and How of Mobile Strategy

    Getting to the 'What, When and How' of Mobile Strategy

    It's tough to figure out a mobile approach. But while these questions are great to ask today, they don’t tackle the bigger picture of mobile strategy tomorrow. Don’t be discouraged.

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  • Helping Employees Deliver the Omnichannel Experience

    Business as usual today often means the customer experience starts with the mobile experience. Smart organizations are building omnichannel solutions to provide a consistent user experience across multiple channels, with the knowledge that mobile may be the starting point of the customer journey.

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  • Mobile Steps Out of its Second-Class Role

    First it was desktop computers. Clunky, rooted, desktop computers.

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