Bridgedoc Brings SaaS to EU Records Management

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Three isn't an especially big number. But when you've spent EU€ 3 million on an idea that's taken three years to develop, the suddenly takes on a formidable quality.Thus invested in time and money, Bridgedoc, formerly ScanData, just announced the global launch of its online paperless records management offering. "In today's knowledge society, companies, and indeed public bodies need to be able to access and use information efficiently," says Ireland's Enterprise Trade and Employment Minister Michel Martin TD, who attended the launch."Information is the cutting edge of competitive advantage and I have the great pleasure today in announcing an Irish company that's taking a lead on the international stage in helping organizations to stay ahead of the information curve."The service is toted as Europe's first and most secure means of storing paperless records online. (Though if it's the first, logic suggests there aren't many competitors to which to compare its security.) To kick the party off right, Bridgedoc has already developed a major agreement with global firm O'Neil Software, which will promote the service in 67 countries.With its SaaS format, Bridgedoc's online records management service promises the following:* Quick and simple search* The ability to retrieve any form of document from any location in the world* Pay-per-storage -- no additional payments or downloads need be made* Data protection for companies that store information on proprietary networks The last point is especially critical as lost data can result in crippling fines for breach of compliance regulations. And those concerned about slippery fingers can relax: the service offers banking levels of security and includes built-in regulatory controls for HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley and 21 CFR Part 11. The launch will be supported by a EU€2 million marketing campaign over the next 2 years. Bridgedoc hopes the offering will make major inroads in manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, government, the legal and financial fields. BridgeDoc is considered Europe's first provider of hosted document management services, managing both storage and retrieval on-demand. Its much-toted SaaS model means customers can access their information from any computer with an Internet connection. Isn't that convenient?