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Global consulting powerhouse Accenture announced the launch of its first three Connected Analytics Experience collaborative data-immersion and decision environments in New York City, San Jose, Calif. and Bangalore, India on Wednesday. 

The aim? “To provide a central location where company decision-makers of all seniority levels and skill sets can come together, both physically and virtually, to make collaborative, real-time insight-driven decisions,” according to Michael Bridges, a managing director at Accenture Digital.

Clearly, these are not your parents’ brainstorming sessions.

Total Immersion Data

Bridges went on to explain that Accenture designed the Connected Analytics Experience to transform managers’ relationships with data by making it easier to understand.

“The immersive environment enables real-time collaboration so all parties involved in a key decision can come together … to view the same insights and make a unified decision that will help the business to attain its desired outcome,” Bridges explained.

The new immersive environment can also help businesses “to make data-driven decisions more quickly and effectively so they can differentiate their businesses and disrupt in their markets,” Bridges noted.

Ports of Call on the Analytics Journey

Bridges explained that the Experience facilities were developed by Accenture Technology Labs, Accenture’s global research and development organization, to facilitate “analytics journeys” that “go beyond just offering analytics software to companies that are looking to solve a problem.”

Based on input from the first three Connected Analytics Experience environments, Accenture plans to roll out similar centers in Chicago, Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Mumbai and Singapore.

Companies can also commission Accenture to build bespoke Experience facilities on their own corporate campuses or other sites of their choosing.

Know Before You Go

Since Accenture already has a number of different analytics offerings, we asked Brooks how the Connected Analytics Experience will be different. 

He focused on the fact that the Connected Analytics Experience is collaborative and offers client organizations access to five key elements:

  • A strategic overview that creates a roadmap aligning analytics, strategy, operating models, organization structures and governance.
  • A multidisciplinary team with differentiated expertise in big data, analytics and visualization, as well as specific industry and technical expertise.
  • A robust, scalable data platform that uses big data to facilitate rapid insight.
  • A reporting analytics Center of Excellence to democratize the reach of analytics via self-service technologies
  • An environment that allows participants to use their preferred devices to collaborate and pursue outcomes in real-time.

Let’s Stay Connected

Accenture’s Connected Analytics Experience represents a bold bet on a novel way to connect business problems with data-driven solutions. CMSWire promises to check back in the future for a follow-up report on this innovative paradigm as it builds a track record with real-world clients. 

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