Bring Dropbox, Google and Box Together with Teambox

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Cloud based document collaboration in the enterprise still has roadblocks, but for some companies, the tradeoffs are worth the convenience.

When it comes to security, having every document available on every device may not be possible, but if that's less of an issue, there's a new collaboration platform called Teambox. Work on Google Docs, share files and calenders and integrate needed apps for US$ 125 per month for 25 member teams.

Email and Workflow Features

Email wrangling is still central to many people's work day, and along with that is simply tracking workflows. Teambox allows for replying to email notifications from any device, converting emails to tasks and assigning those tasks for easy tracking.

There's a handy task visualizer for those into a nice infographic representation of project start and end dates, and it includes an easy to use drag and drop interface.


Teambox dashboard with tasks and chat windows open.

For meetings, there is a Notes tool that includes a rich text editor, version control, drag and drop note reordering, and soon to be developed features like export as PDF and pasting images right into notes.

No collaboration platform would be complete without a chat feature, and Teambox comes through with a Yammer style IM system.

Learning Opportunities


Gantt charts for easy project development tracking.

Mobile and Apps

Teambox has iPad and iPhone apps, and they include features like sharing files and cloud sync, but lack official support for self-hosted installs.


Teambox HD for the iPad is best for small and medium sized businesses.

Extensibility wise, Teambox is an open platform and can be linked to Dropbox and Google of course, but other apps like GitHub can be integrated as well. API's are also available for building custom apps. Prices go from US$ 25 per month to around US$ 400 per month for teams of 5 to 100, respectively.

There is a free version for individuals, but the Dropbox and Google Drive integration is not supported in that version. Tell us in the comments if you're a heavy gmail and Google Docs user and if this sounds like the type of place you could see collaborating in.