Moxie Software Further Socializes SharePoint, Outlook, Salesforce.com & More

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Moxie Software Further Socializes SharePoint, Outlook, Salesforce.com & More
If Moxie Software's integration framework for connecting with various enterprise applications thrilled you last November, then hold onto your hats. Today the company has announced further integration with some very familiar players, including Salesforce.com, Microsoft SharePoint and Skype. 

First, let's start with a bit of background: Spaces by Moxie has been the company's answer to the CRM needs of organizations for some time. A leg of the product called Knowledgebase provides everything from the freedom of self-service for customers via access to a public portal of knowledge articles, to complete access to customer transaction history for agents.

In November the power of Knowledgebase was extended to Spaces. With integrated access to Knowledgebase, CRM and Enterprise 2.0 capabilities were able to get close and personal by way of co-creation, capture, and knowledge sharing between employees, partners and customers.

One of the perks included in this move was an integration framework that provides pre-built integration to major enterprise applications. Today, Moxie's move is a power play on that framework. Here's a quick overview of how each new integration works: 

Learning Opportunities

  • Microsoft SharePoint: Moxie places a social layer on top of SharePoint's document and workflow capabilities. The integration enables users to expose documents stored and maintained in SharePoint within Moxie's Employee Spaces to take advantage of Employee Spaces collaboration features such as "commenting," "liking" and "following" content. Edited and saved SharePoint documents can be automatically synchronized with linked folders in Employee Spaces. 
  • Microsoft Outlook: This bi-directional integration between Outlook and Employee Spaces enables users to combine social and traditional communications channels. Users are notified via e-mail on any social activity they follow, and can then interact with the social objects or comment on these feeds from their inbox. 
  • Salesforce.com: The integration with Salesforce.com allows Employee Spaces users to follow any native Salesforce.com object. Companies can see Employee Spaces activity streams or any other social objects from within Salesforce.com.
  • Skype: The Skype integration leverages Skype's presence capabilities, allowing users to share their availability statuses in Employee Spaces. 
  • Atlassian Confluence: A final integration with Atlassian Confluence enables companies to extend large volume of wikis with more sophisticated social collaboration capabilities provided by Moxie Employee Spaces.

"Moxie Software's design philosophy has always been to Go Where The People Are," explained David Boyer, Moxie Software's senior vice president of products. "For social enterprise software to be adopted, it needs to be integrated into the everyday business applications that people use. Moxie Employee Spaces provides enterprises with a platform that not only connects people to one another but also allows people to collaborate around specific business processes. All this is made possible through Moxie's Integration Framework that allows for quick and secure integration with existing applications."

Moxie's move is a wise one, and it certainly highlights the consumerization of IT trend that's been hitting us from all directions. As more pressure is placed upon enterprise application providers to get with the times, we expect more integration such as this will occur.