Wizeline Releases Free Product Management Tool

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Wizeline has good news for product managers who have outgrown spreadsheets and presentation software as tools for managing their company’s products.

The product management solutions company just announced its free Wizeline Starter plan, which allows product managers overseeing a single product to evaluate product feature requests, plan and prioritize releases, and develop visual roadmaps.

“It’s all about centralizing the information that's out there,” said Bismarck Lepe, Wizeline founder and CEO, in an interview with CMSWire. “Companies generate a lot of data, but it’s not in a place where it’s very useful. We help companies use the data to make better prioritization decisions, and then track whether the decisions made were the right ones.”

Wizeline Starter Plan Features


According to the Wizeline blog, the company wanted to “provide a solution that enables product managers to build better products faster and with fewer headaches.”

Here’s what the company claims product managers can look forward to when using the Starter plan:

A Better Way to Prioritize Features

With Wizeline Starter, product managers have access to survey tools that make it easy for them to collect and analyze feedback from internal groups or individuals when determining priorities for upcoming releases.

JIRA Project Management Integration

Product managers using Wizeline Starter can view their features backlog listing overlaid with data covering related JIRA issues, survey information and estimated feature costs, for a more complete picture when prioritizing features.

Share Product Roadmaps and Releases

Once products are ready for release, product managers can invite anyone in the organization to collaborate and review release plans, and even export roadmaps for review.

Solving Inefficiencies

2015-27-January-Peter-Moore.jpgPeter Moore
, with Wizeline’s product and field marketing team, said that in the company's conversations with 100 product managers, CTO’s and product leaders, it found more than 60 percent of those interviewed stated that input and data management are their main pain points. One third reported general process and efficiencies as issues.

Learning Opportunities

“Product management is a hard and complex job,” said Moore. “They need to take information from all areas [sales, customers, etc], and it’s almost always in incompatible formats.”

He added that product managers use six or more different software tools per week on average.

“They have a lot of different places to go, and synthesizing all of that information is a tall task. Those are the things we’re trying to solve for product managers,” he said.

Bringing Business and Tech Together

2015-27-January-Adam-Sewall.jpgAdam Sewall
, head of marketing and partnerships for Wizeline, discussed how the Wizeline solution will help different parts of the organization work more closely together and help product managers better take advantage of data to improve workflows, and ultimately, their products.

“Until now, product managers haven’t had their own solution,” he said. “A lot of these other functional roles have had a platform of record to work through workflow process – sales has Salesforce, engineering has JIRA, marketing has Marketo.

“Wizeline is bridging the gap between the business side of the organization and the technical side of the organization.”