Salesforce.com's Customer Service in the Cloud

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Salesforce.com launches Service Cloud
Are customers fed up with poorly trained, outsourced service personnel? Are they tired of spending endless hours on the phone listening to someone read screens? Maybe. We know that many have been turning to things like Google, forums and other online sites for the answers they seek. So how does a business regain the faith of their customers through support?

They join in conversations in the cloud. Salesforce.com has released a SaaS based application called The Service Cloud which can get business back on track with true customer service.

The Service Cloud aims to change how customer service works for both the customer and the business itself. The SaaS based application attempts to peruse the internet and gather conversations to be used in commercial customer service.

Traditional customer service does not necessarily utilize the public or potential experts' information. Therefore, even if their service is fairly well put together, they may be missing crucial information.

How The Service Cloud Works

The Service Cloud from Salesforce.com works similar to existing native cloud computing platforms such as Force.com. It funnels data from places such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, social networks, blogs, anywhere it can find information. It then aggregates that information and spits it all out in an understandable and comprehensible way.

Learning Opportunities

Keep in mind that if there is quality SEO done on a business’s social networks, blogs and main websites you will get the necessary traffic to make this effective.

The customer service benefits are quite large.

  • Customers benefit from online communities: Customers will be able to speak with company personnel as well as other customers. With the Service Cloud, company personnel can easily monitor chatter and stay abreast of conversations.
  • Funnel from existing networks: There are potentially already forums, social networks and blogs having conversations about you and your services or products. Funnel and utilize this information as well.
  • Share with business partners: The knowledge base that will eventually be built can be shared with business partners to elevate the standing of both companies.
  • Make it accessible to all customer service personnel: Make the information accessible to all of your customer service personnel so that they will be at the top of their game as well.
  • Engage customers to determine future needs: With the Service Cloud you will be able to build an information archive that will allow you to engage your customers and potential customers directly via social networks to determine future needs they may have or changes they would like to see. You can begin to shape your company for your customers instead of shaping your customers for your company.

Many companies already realize that in today’s flooded markets, the ones the stand out are frequently the ones who modify their product or service to meet their customers’ needs as opposed to attempting to convince potential customers that they need the product or service as is.

With the Service Cloud, Salesforce.com has made this even easier as you now have a direct line to the conversations happening around the web. Update your user guides to include information the public is talking about needing to be there, include additional services or products that your customers want and start providing real customer service.