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  • SMB Tech Roll-up: HP Woos SMB’s With IT for Everything, ERP the Key to Business Success?

    This week in the SMB space we see HP continuing its overtures to the SMB market, which it started earlier this year. While it has already spent time and money targeting larger SMBs, this time it’s going for the micro market. Meanwhile offers Jigsaw now and mobile Chatter later.

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  • Report: Next Generation Web CMS Must Unify Operations, Intelligence

    The days of the web content management systems existing only to support website publishing are in the past. Consumers demand precise and personal information and, organization deliver this, if they want to build the brand and make the sale. According to a recent research report from the Aberdeen Group (

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  • Aberdeen Report Details the Next Generation of Web CMS

    As CMSWire readers know, typical online buyers use a number of different channels to research and make purchase decisions.  Consequently organizations need to find ways to intelligently engage with their customers across channels and in a personalized manner. According to an Aberdeen's Report (download the PDF ), the top

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  • Aberdeen Says Companies are Safer in the Cloud

    While living in the cloud has become a popular option, companies remain skeptical. No matter how many security precautions are provided, when services like SaaS, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) are offered in the cloud, companies are tentative to employ them. Game. Set. Match.

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  • The Changing Role of Digital Asset Management in Marketing

    With all the talk of new solutions, new technologies and new versions of technologies, it would be hard to imagine that a considerable number of companies are still having problems with the basics of digital asset management (DAM).

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  • Web CMS Budgets Increasing But Content is Still King

    Okay, so we are already approaching the middle of April and most companies have already decided where they are going to invest and what programs they are going to drop over the course of this year This probably means that a new survey from the Aberdeen Group (news,

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  • Creating Quality Search Engine Marketing

    Search engine marketing is one of the key strategies for online marketing. But doing it well still remains elusive to many organizations. The Aberdeen Group interviewed over 200 organizations to find out what it takes to create "best-in-class" search engine marketing.The research report is called: What Does It Take to Create Best In Class Search Engine Marketing? - Best Practices in Paid Search, Paid Inclusion, and Search Engine Optimization. It is the culmination

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  • Using Social Media to Enhance your Sales Effort

    So it is true. We, as consumers, may know more about the competitive landscape for a product we want than the companies that sell that product. And all because we spend a lot of our time on the Internet using a little known thing called social networking.

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  • Best in Class 2008 Email Security Solutions

    Just in time for Halloween, the 2008 Email Security Report: Combating Spam, Data Loss, Fraud, Zombies, Non-Compliance and Sabotage has been released. While the threat of malicious emails threatens information security, and phishing scams seem to increase each year, this report -- researched and written by the Aberdeen Group

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