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  • Advertising in times square

    Whaaaa.... Customers Don’t Trust Advertising?

    A survey finds that consumers don't trust advertisimng. It also finds that marketers are highly confident that consumers trust advertising.

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  • love cat

    Woo Hoo: Google Makes Email Cool Again

    Google's new Customer Match will prompt more companies to stay on top of their email lists, predicts Yesware's Bob Sybydlo.

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  • Ali Plonchak

    Tell Me About ... Programmatic [Video]

    Ali Plonchak works at Crossmedia, a New York City-based media agency. Plonchak is a group director and responsible for agency development. CMSWire caught up with her near the company's Los Angeles office for a quick tutorial on the process of buying and selling advertising through automation — a concept known more commonly as programmatic She shares her thoughts in an easily consumable 2-minute video snack in the inaugural edition of a CMSWire feature called Tell Me About. Buying and Selling Digital Media Programmatic

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  • Ashley Madison and the Power of Traditional Marketing

    Ashley Madison had a lack of women problem long before it had a stolen data problem. It solved its 'woman' problem by using traditional marketing techniques.

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  • old VW Van

    Advertising Co-Op Programs: Obsolete or Just Outdated?

    Traditional advertising co-op programs are woefully outdated in today’s digital environment, and much too complicated for local businesses to participate in, according to a new study. Sponsored by Netsertive, The Changing Face of Co-Op Programs also revealed at least $14 million of co-op funding is unused — almost double the

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  • collapsing building

    Collapse in Trust is a Good Thing

    For too long people have placed blind trust in organizations and brands, which has only led to manipulation and abuse. Society is now entering a new phase of healthy skepticism. Only 24 percent of US citizens think the news media try to report on news without bias.

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  • millennials

    OMG Marketers: Enough Already with Millennials

    Could everyone please shut up about millennials? They're not exotic creatures from the lost continent of Atlantis, for the love of money mobile wallets. They're just young adults. In spite of ongoing efforts to lionize them, they're not much different from you and mewhen we were the same age

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  • Verizon Buy Speeds the FadeOut of AOL

    Verizon Buy Speeds the Fade-Out of AOL

    You've probably heard today's big M&A news: Verizon is acquiring AOL. If you're wondering why Verizon is spending $4.4 billion on a major web content provider, consider AOL’s last quarterly earnings report, issued just last Friday. In the quarter ending March 31, AOL Inc. earned $483.

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  • PeekaBoo Can You See My Ad on the Internet

    Peek-a-Boo! Can You See My Ad on the Internet?

    Marketers and advertisers planning digital campaigns should first consider industry desktop and mobile standards. The objective: to make sure potential customers can actually see those ads on the Internet. That's the hope of officials at the Media Ratings Council (MRC).

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  • Martha Pease Marketers Forget Silver Bullets

    Martha Pease: Marketers, Forget Silver Bullets

    Martha Pease has spent more than two decades as a marketing, media and strategy executive, building brand value and promoting growth for companies in competitive categories. So she has the experience to recognize that the digital experience has radically changed advertising.

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  • Can Rubicon Project Simplify Ad Tech

    Can Rubicon Project Simplify Ad Tech?

    Take technologies that are complex and make them simple. That’s the market-first approach behind the beta launch of Rubicon Project’s newest ad tech innovations: DSP Builder and High Frequency Cloud 2 (HFC2).

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  • Ad Pioneer Jane Maas We Never Drank Before Noon

    Ad Pioneer Jane Maas: We Never Drank Before Noon

    Jane Maas is the author of Mad Womenthe true story of what it was like to be an advertising women in the sexy, sexist era of Mad Men.  She clawed her way up from secretary to copywriter to creative director at Ogilvy & Mather and Wells Rich Greene.   But

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  • Your Brand is Only as Good as Its Reputation

    Your Brand is Only as Good as Its Reputation

    Ask Karen Spiegel to define a brand — and she'll tell you that it's only as good as its reputation and the people who work there. Spiegel knows a lot about brands.

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  • Is Advertising Losing Its Appeal?

    Are we reaching a point in society where advertising is being superseded by search engines and social media?  “Walmart is asking suppliers to cut back on advertising spending in its stores as it seeks lower prices on goods that it sells to its own customers,” according to the Associated Press

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