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    Popping 5 Popular Myths of Agile Marketing

    When I co-founded SCRUM50 as a born-agile marketing agency three years ago, we checked our traditional processes at the door. We are all Agile, all the time, and it has never been any other way. Agile marketing is not just another industry buzz word.

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    How to Build an Agile Marketing Team Across Time Zones

    Agile marketing is fast-paced in every sense of the word, designed to keep up with — and stay ahead of — the constant evolutions in digital engagement and customer needs that change minute-to-minute around the world. Agile marketing is focused around core teams that are always innovating, testing, analyzing and

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    4 Agile Principles for the Modern Marketer

    Consider this for a moment: According to the Pew Research Center, just a decade ago only 11 percent of people used social media, and no one had even heard of the sharing economy. Today, we order everything online and it seems like almost everyone has a smartphone.

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    Tap Your Customer Data to Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Agile marketing strategies focus on making incremental progress through processes that require teams to execute faster and quickly adapt to change. But choosing where to focus and identifying areas where change is required depends on ready access to customer information, when it's needed.

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    Agile Marketers Step Outside Their Bubbles to Find Inspiration

    Like many tech startups, Integrate operates with a lean marketing team, where each of us wears multiple hats. Take my title as an example: “Thought Leadership and Marketing Tech Strategy.

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    Step Up Your Agile Marketing Game

    My time working at enterprise software firms has run the gamut from small, quick startups to large, matrixed organizations. And in that time, I have seen many types of development and collaboration methods from waterfall to prototype to agile.

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    Shift Your Marketing Metabolism Into High Gear With Agile

    Agile marketing sounds great in theory: a sort of Holy Grail that answers all the current challenges of marketing in a digital world.  But in practice it requires a huge shift in marketing management and operations.

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    Why Agile Marketing Is the Antidote to Constant Change

    Marketing can feel like a herculean task these days.  From internal demands and dynamics to outside forces, the pace of change is mind-numbing.  Agile marketing has emerged in the last few years as a way to tame the never-ending demands of modern marketing.

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    Is Agile Marketing a 'Thing' or Just Business as Usual?

    The term agile marketing has been bandied about for a few years now. A recent article went so far as to suggest 2017 will be the year agile marketing goes mainstream.  So should already stressed out marketers add agile marketing to their long list of things that keep them

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    Why Digital Workplaces and Agile Go Hand in Hand

    The dramatic changes in the world of work over the last few years have created a more digital, more mobile and more demanding workforce. The changes have also introduced new ways of working such as Agile.

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    How to Use Agile to Improve Team Performance

    Agile methodology is everywhere in the IT and software development industry. Why? In this rapidly changing market where it’s difficult to predict the future, Agile has allowed software development teams to become more adaptable and responsive to customer needs.

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  • Seattle Space Needle

    Let's Move the Needle on Agile, AI, Web CMS and More

    Promises made at the beginning of a new year are usually forgotten by the end of the first quarter.  Case in point: Businesses spend inordinate amounts of time developing yearly strategic plans with somewhat squishy outcomes.

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    When It Comes to Metrics, Size Matters

    Have you ever seen a salesperson boast about meeting their revenue targets without caring about whether the sale was profitable? Have your kids proudly showed you an A on their geometry test and ignored the fact that they haven't turned their homework in for a month?  Has a delivery team

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    Let's Get Real About Agile Development

    All of you software development methodologists and theorists, I’m here to ruin your day.  I am about annoy you to call your baby ugly.  How? By calling out just how poorly your pet development methods — Agile, user-centric design, continuous deployment and DevOps — are working in real life.

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