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  • a manager's worst nightmare: a cat and craft beer

    How Enterprise Social Chat Feeds Into Productivity

    Cats, holidays, children, craft beer, more cats ....  The number of non-work related topics posted on workplace enterprise social media can boggle the mind, leading management to view enterprise social as a time waster, the long lunch of the digital workplace.

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  • Joshua Redman trio

    Get Collaboration Right, and Innovation Will Follow

    Establishing innovation as part of the way we work in the digital workplace is the holy grail for many organizations.  What we see, however, is that as we transplant face-to-face activities into virtual working, we lose that opportunity for innovation.

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  • burnt out lightbulb

    Why So Many Large Companies Stink at Innovation

    Coca Cola recently closed its Founders start-up incubator, citing difficulties in combining start-ups and the corporation.  No doubt a substantial investment to walk away from. But connecting innovation incubators, specialist R&D units and innovation teams into the wider workforce rarely meets with success.

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  • woman working on a laptop

    How to Manage the Switch to the Cloud-Based Digital Workplace

    An office relocation is happening.  Medium and large companies alike are migrating to cloud-based digital workplaces, with Office 365 being the destination for many.   But before your company jumps on board, you need to prepare.

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  • Everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room

    Innovation: The Elephant in the Room

    Chances are, innovation is a strategic objective of your organization, if not exactly spelled out in those terms.  It might be an overarching statement to encourage people to work smarter, or plans for a culture change program, an idea capture exercise, or even training in skills such as design thinking.

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  • collaborative meeting

    How Much Collaboration Is Too Much?

    There's no denying it: two minds are better than one. That's the underlying principle of collaboration, and it's why businesses spend time and money trying to facilitate it.  Without collaboration, opportunities get missed and the quality of delivery suffers. We just can't improve what we do.

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  • number five

    5 Hallmarks of the Everyday Innovator

    Innovators are a bunch of super-smart scientists or supremely creative beings.  Or so we're led to believe. The good news is that most innovation doesn't come from an archetypal innovator or from "Eureka!" moments. So let's leave the lab coats and top pockets filled with leaky pens to them.

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  • engineering

    Can You Engineer an Innovation Culture?

    Innovation management provides an engineered, process-based approach to innovation: a purpose-built framework designed to extract innovative ideas and turn them into products and services that will leapfrog the competition.

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  • looking from the outside in

    Turn Knowledge Management Inside Out: Bring in the Customer Perspective

    Since I first came on the scene as a knowledge manager in 2008, knowledge managers have debated (and debated) the purpose of knowledge management (KM).

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  • looking over the edge

    What's the Risk of Innovation?

    Risk drives much of our behavior at work.  Engineers are brought up on controlling safety risk, knowledge workers tend to focus on liability risk.  And we all are affected by reputation risk — the apparent harm of being noticed for something not entirely thought through.

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  • robot street dance

    What Will the Team of the Future Look Like?

    Back in the 1980s, around the time robots started replacing humans on automotive production lines, some pundits confidently predicted that automated systems would soon replace humans in most walks of life. Yet here we are in 2015, humans are very much alive, present and integral to producing stuff.

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  • looking at myself in the mirror

    Is Your Collaboration More About Me, Myself and I?

    Collaboration within medium and large organizations typically falls under a pull model: collaborating to pull knowledge out of the network to get a job done. Simple, basic collaboration, often driven more by technology vendors than by our own prescribed needs.

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  • hike

    What's the Endgame of Collaboration?

    It's all too easy to get to a point where collaborating just ... stops.  When, despite our best efforts, we get lost in the maze of process that's part of any complex organization and tell ourselves we'll collaborate tomorrow, when we have more time.

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  • megaphone with listen

    Why Your Call to Innovation Keeps Falling Flat

    The call to innovation is a noble call. An acknowledgement that great effort is needed to lead the market, or even to maintain a market presence. Businesses use it as a rallying cry, an initiative everyone can get behind.

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