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    Are You a Digital Transformation Laggard?

    The secret to long-term business success is "digital transformation" — or so we've been told repeatedly over the last three years. At conferences, during meetings, in conversation, no matter what the original topic, the talk inevitably returns to digital transformation.  And while I buy the premise, the reality is messy.

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    Building the Perfect Marketing Organization

    Everyone is looking for a simple prescriptive formula to structure and build their marketing organizations in this crazy technology environment we all now inhabit.

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    Take a Break From the Marketing Action to Think About Strategy

    One of the benefits — and pitfalls — of digital marketing technology today is that it allows marketers to take action quickly. The allure of speed and the false sense of accomplishment rapid activity gives leads some marketers to push forward without having a strategy in place first.

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    The Elements of a Strategic Marketing Program

    Marketing in a startup is challenging.  You start with no brand awareness, no resources and little to no budget. In some cases, your startup is breaking new ground and faced with trying to establish a new market or product category.  Too many startups fail to have a strategic plan.

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  • Anita Brearton

    2016 Contributors of the Year: Anita Brearton

    Marketers who are struggling with unwieldy technology stacks, who fear their companies lag the competition in the deployment and management of software, who worry they aren't making the most of the tools at hand, know this — you are not alone.

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    5 Challenges Marketers Must Face in 2017

    Marketing today is a bit like being on a roller coaster — it has its ups and downs, but no one would ever complain that it's boring. Marketing is on the frontlines of revenue generation and fills a mission critical role in virtually every organization.

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  • Anita Brearton

    Anita Brearton: Marketers Should Start With Strategy, Discard What Doesn't Work

    Anita Brearton understands the challenges digital marketing teams face.  Before founding Boston-based CabinetM with co-founder Sheryl Schultz, Brearton ran an e-commerce company and watched as her own digital marketing team struggled to find, implement and manage the technology they needed to interact with customers.

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    How the GDPR Will Lead to New Marketing Opportunities

    When I was in junior high, almost every sleepover involved a midnight snipe hunt. We’d traipse around the neighborhood with pillowcases trying to capture the elusive snipe, a very rare bird.

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    Keeping Up with MarTech is Hard, But You Don't Have to Do It Alone

    Two comments come up repeatedly when I try to explain the complexity of the marketing technology landscape to prospective investors: The first: “While I take your point that companies are using more tools than ever, once they have them in place isn’t it really just a maintenance issue? I’m not

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  • galaxies

    Digital Marketing Technology's Big Bang Theory

    Whenever I think about today’s marketing technology environment, the opening line of the Big Bang Theory’s theme song comes to mind.

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    Marketers: There's More Than One Way to Skin a Stack

    Marketing leaders are struggling to keep track of all of the tools in use across their organization. A marketing stack helps CMOs gain an understanding of the marketing technology being used, tested and retired throughout their company. Most marketers start by creating defined layers of key product categories (e.g.

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    The Magical, Terrible World of MarTech Acquisition

    What a magical world we live in, where with a simple swipe of a credit card anyone can acquire one of a thousand brand new, innovative marketing technology products!   What a terrible world we live in, where with a simple swipe of a credit card anyone can acquire one

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    Stop Trying to Hire 'Digital Marketers'

    Only three years ago I routinely advertised for the job of digital marketer.  Doing that today would be like going into a restaurant and ordering a piece of cake — who knows what I’d get — chocolate, carrot or coconut?  The digital marketer job title has become irrelevant.

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    How to Convince Your CEO to Invest in Marketing Technology

    Marketing now bears responsibility for the entire customer lifecycle — from lead generation to customer advocacy. And as a result, is also responsible for the vast arsenal of tools and associated budget that identifies prospects, nurtures and converts those prospects into customers and ultimately transforms those customers into brand advocates.

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