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  • SMB Tech Roll-up: Microsoft BPOS Goes Lite, iPads for SMBs?

    In a week that saw the release of the iPad, AT&T has promised to spend, spend, spend on SMB networks and applications, SharePoint gets an economical workflow monitor and there are rumors about a Microsoft BPOS ‘lite’. Money For SMBs From AT&T Seems someone in AT&T (news, site

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  • SMB Tech Roll-up: IT Spending To Grow, IBM Fishes For Microsoft SMBs

    There's no need to underline how bad the recession has been for SMBs. But there's light at the end of the tunnel as IDC predicts spending on IT is set to grow this year.

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  • Mobile Video Growing, But Still Niche

    comScore, an established authority in online trend tracking, has released a report stating that 6.5 million Americans watched online video on their mobile phones in the month of August 2008. Even though the figure isn't that alarming, it shows continued year-over-year growth of mobile video consumption.

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  • Apple Releases Developers From Stringent NDA

    Apple, in a move that every iPhone developer will likely appreciate, has decided to release iPhone developers from their non-disclosure agreements that have prevented them from disclosing information about the SDK and even communicating with other developers. These changes were bound to happen sooner than later.

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