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  • WordPress 2.7: From Blog Platform to Web CMS

    Now on their third beta release, the WordPress team is promising big things with version 2.7. After completing the first round of bug fixes from the beta 1 and beta 2 releases, the WordPress team is making sure that the full public release is a quality release with minimal

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  • Automattic Asks: Who's Your PollDaddy Now?

    The company behind the WordPress blogging platform has just announced their acquisition of PollDaddy. That's right, Automattic and the Web-based polling and survey company are now intertwined. Based out of Sligo, Ireland, PollDaddy offers free polls with the option to run more detailed and advanced surveys at an annual rate.

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  • WordPress Gets Intense With Commenting Tools

    Automattic, a web development corporation, has been making headway with its blogging and publishing platform WordPress, and now the company wants to spice things up with an integrated commenting system by the name of IntenseDebate. The company recently purchased IntenseDebate for an undisclosed amount and plans on integrating some of

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  • Google Expands Non-Evil Empire to Korea

    Every successful mega corporation knows that the first rule of acquisitions is: Why buy one of anything, when you can buy two for twice the price? Or, in Google's case, why own Blogger in the U.S., when you can also own Textcube in South Korea?Textcube is a blogging

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  • Open Source Opens Checkbooks

    Automattic gets a US $29.5M round of Series B funding. Alfresco secures a US $9M round of Series C funding. Sun Microsystems pays a cool US $1 Billion for MySQL. What's the common thread? The flagship products for Automattic (Wordpress), Alfresco (Alfresco Enterprise Content Management), and MySQL (MySQL Database) are all open source applications. The

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