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  • 5 Types of Influencers B2B Marketers Need to Engage Now

    5 Types of Influencers B2B Marketers Need to Engage Now

    Most likely trying to craft a never-ending stream of content marketing to influence this very process. And that helps, for sure. But let’s be honest. You need to do more than turn your brand into a publisher … especially as most publishers are having their own issues these days.

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  • Cisco CMO Reveals Her Pain Points

    Cisco CMO Reveals Her Pain Points

    This week, amid the hullabaloo of the sprawling Cisco Live conference -- it takes up all three halls in San Francisco's Moscone Center plus an adjacent high-rise hotel -- Christie said she's oh-so glad she found the way to San Jose, where she now serves Cisco as chief marketing officer.

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  • B2B Marketing Needs Durable Systems of Engagement

    B2B Marketing Needs Durable Systems of Engagement

    A recent Text100 study reported  (registration required) that on average, six people (in Germany, seven) with very different functions are involved with purchasing decisions. Two-thirds of the companies surveyed said that once the decision had been made, the purchase still had to be signed off by the board.

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  • Marketers Embrace Automation or Face Extinction

    Marketers: Embrace Automation or Face 'Extinction'

    Marketing automation has seen its share of acquisitions.  What else has trended? How about the advent of the marketing technology suite? "Marketing automation 
often had been positioned as a point solution used by marketing solely for demand creation," said Jay Famico, practice director for technology at SiriusDecisions, a B2B research

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  • B2B Email Newsletters Beat Promotional Marketing

    B2B Email: Newsletters Beat Promotional Marketing

    B2B prospects like email that includes news as well as information about webinars, publications and the chance to attend forums, according to a report by a global marketing firm. And they are more likely to open these email newsletters than those with pure product promotion.

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  • 11 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Company Blog

    It’s official. I no longer need to explain to B2B marketers why a blog is an absolute must have. If you're a B2B marketer then chances are good you can already recite the many reasons why a blog makes sense: SEO, content marketing, fuel for social media, etc.

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  • Get More Results with Less Effort in B2B Marketing Automation

    Get More Results with Less Effort in B2B Marketing Automation

    Why is it that the things we know are good for us are so hard to start? Think exercise, eating right, starting that blog, taking risks. Research from Ascend2  shows marketers find marketing automation one of the most difficult tactics to execute, despite admitting that the more extensively they adopt

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  • A CEO's Guide to Navigating Customer Expectations

    B2B companies are waking up to the fact that success demands consistently delivering on customer expectations over the relationship’s lifetime. A recent IBM study  found that CEOs are worried that their management teams don’t fully understand the expectations of prospects and customers, or how to operationalize their customer experience strategy

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  • Blue Collar Big Data: The Work Behind Big Data Analysis

    Did you see the article in the New York Times on January 5 about Pandora and big data?  It's all about how Pandora serves you particular ads or predict what artists you’ll want to vote for based on your choice of songs.

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  • B2B Marketing Who Targets What and Where

    B2B Marketing: Who Targets What and Where?

    Who's targeting what and where in B2B marketing? And what works? Depends on who you ask. LinkedIn is hot for B2B. No, actually Twitter's gaining steam. Banners ads are not dead. Yes they are. Demandbase, a B2B marketing software provider, spent last year analyzing how verticals are targeting

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  • Content Curation Challenges Persist for Marketers

    Content marketing is never as easy as it sounds. First you have to identify your key audiences, messages and platforms. Then you have to create the content.  A new report sheds light on the challenges marketers face when it comes to creating unique content experiences.

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  • Avoid Churn: A B2B Guide to Voice of the Customer

    Customer experience (CX) and Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are fast-growing segments of a core business strategy for B2B companies. VoC programs work well for B2B enterprises because capturing and acting on customer feedback is critical to understanding the complex decision-making process.

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  • Forrester Analyst: Don't Wait to Jump into B2B E-Commerce

    Be more like Google. And while you’re at it, be more like Amazon. B2B companies that don’t heed that kind of advice are destined to lag.

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  • 5 Reasons Why Social Media Is NOT Helping Your Content Marketing Efforts

    Here’s a question for you: how can B2B marketers be so gung-ho about content marketing, but still seem so lukewarm on social media? Isn't social media the “marketing” in content marketing? Or is content marketing just about creating relevant and helpful content that you then blast to your

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