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    Hyland, Iron Mountain Partner to Automate Back-Office Processes

    Storage and information management services provider Iron Mountain and enterprise content management (ECM) vendor Hyland Software have partnered to automate workflow functions to ease the day to day workloads of back-office employees.

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    Translating Lean Thinking Into Lean Performance

    Organizations seeking to reduce the use of resources, eliminate waste, work smarter and improve efficiency have increasingly turned to lean techniques.  Lean teams in particular enjoy the flexibility and creativity to develop new, smarter ways of doing things.

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    Alfresco Releases Digital Business Platform to Speed App Development

    Alfresco, an open source enterprise content management and business process management vendor, is strengthening its digital transformation play with the release of a platform that helps enterprises quickly build new content, processes and governance apps. Paul Hampton, senior director of product marketing at Maidenhead, UK-based Alfresco, said the Digital

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    Why It Pays to Focus on Process

    For decades, business surveys and management textbooks identified strategy execution as one of the top challenges facing CEOs.  The problem isn't the quality of management strategies: It is the difficulty carrying them out. Beautiful ideas don't make a customer happy.

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    Making the Business Case for a Process Improvement Culture

    Long term success — and in some cases, survival — of many organizations relies on ongoing business process improvement efforts. When managed well, process improvements can fuel efficiency, engagement, profitability, innovation and growth.

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    Make 2017 the Year You Master Process Management

    2016 can safely be described as a year of disruption. The Brexit vote and the U.S. election resulted in volatility in stock markets around the world. Sharp rises and falls in stocks and commodities have become routine.

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  • Alfresco Offers Its Platform as a Managed Service on AWS

    Alfresco, a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) software, has announced the early availability of its platform as a managed service hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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    Alfresco Primes Its Activiti Pump

    Take your definitions of enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) and set them aside, before you go out of business or get run over.  Information is alive, up-to-date, intelligent and in-flow in the digital era. Or at least it should be.

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    How to Create Processes that Hold Up Under Pressure

    With the Olympics in Rio, baseball nearing the playoffs and football underway, I’ve been thinking, “What is it that separates high performers and world champions from everyone else?”  Regardless of the sport, when you think about winning teams or individuals you know they didn’t just cruise to victory.

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    Squeeze More Out of Your Business Process Management

    Business process management (BPM) has been around for a while, but digital transformation has pushed it to the forefront as organizations look to make swift business decisions and increase agility.  BPM holds the potential to help reduce paper handling and inefficiencies in activities such as contracts and invoicing.

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  • Xerox Releases New Digital Workflow Solutions

    Xerox released 15 digital workflow solutions that are designed to automate and simplify work across three targeted verticals, notably manufacturing, retail banking and higher education. According to a statement from the Norwalk, Conn.-based company, the new processes will automate and manage both paper and digital data capture for the

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  • Why Converging Your Business Processes Is A Good Thing

    The information management landscape is a tremendously dynamic and exciting place to be these days. One big reason is because previously separate software markets are now merging.

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    Take Cues From Social Media to Drive Organizational Change

    With change as the one constant in today’s business landscape, the question for managers is not “should we change?” but “how can we successfully navigate change?” Businesses looking to develop a culture of process improvement might follow the lead of social media.

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    Alfresco Brings Together ECM, BPM

    Alfresco today announced a tight integration between its enterprise content management (ECM) platform, Alfresco One, and its Business Process Management (BPM) platform, Activiti.

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